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Next Session

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I can’t make Friday September 24th, but Sean will be running an All Flesh Must Be Eaten one-shot at Jules’ place.

The next SRaO game will be Friday October 1st at mine.

The Causeway

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17th September 2010

Morning breaks and the SRaO are reunited with Tetsu. Introductions are made, Norro Wiston arrives with a flamboyant young fellow in tow, and the party, now seven strong, set off.


They seek out a local woodsman, Jorr, to act as guide, and after narrowly avoiding a disastrous diplomatic incident (Habbakuk filling Jorr’s hounds with arrows would not have gone down well) Jorr provides the party with some background on the woods and the recent hobgoblin incursions.

Best guess is that the goblinoids have made their way down from the Wyrmsmoke mountains via Skull Gorge, and are now holed up in Vraath Keep. Goodness gracious.

And so the party set off, with Jorr as their guide, for Vraath’s keep.

Along the way they come to  a wooden causeway spanning a patch of boggy ground, and on the far side helpless elven lass cowering over her fallen companion. The party rush to her aid, despite Brother Bryn’s warnings that this elf is not what she seems.

Then, predictably, all hell breaks loose. Huge plant monsters burst from the mud, the elves turn out to be blood-crazed dryads, and the party are once again fighting for their lives.

When the dust has settled the SRaO stand victorious, though wearied by their exploits. Habakuk and Jorr both realise this attack is very unusual; something has driven the normally placid creatures insane.

The party press on through the woods, regailed by Jorr’s tales of local history, until they stand at last in the shadow of Vraath Keep.

Marauder Attack

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Friday September 10th 2010

On their way into the small town of Drellin’s Ferry the SRaO were ambushed by a band of hobgoblins with hellhounds. Fortunately Brother Bryn and Thovar happened upon the attack and helped overcome the attackers, and the adventurers headed into Drellin’s ferry together. It was noted that the hobgoblins bore a distinctive red hand marking, obviously their clan symbol.

Brother Bryn managed to instantly get into an argument with pretty much everyone he spoke to (perhaps its the way he never blinks when he speaks, and gives you way too much eye contact). He seemed convinced that end of the world was nigh, and that the final battle between Good and Evil was imminent. Everyone else seemed pretty convinced that he had probably taken one too many blows to the head.

Apocalypsia charmed the surly sergeant outside of town, and soon the party were being treated to a slap up meal in the World’s End tavern (a portent of oncoming doom, according to Brother Bryn).

Norro Wiston

The SRaO were approached by Town Speaker Norro Wiston, who begged the party assist with recent hobgoblin raids upon the town. After some negotiation* the party agreed, and now plan to head into the Witchwood, from where the attacks have stemmed. It also just happens to be the location of Vraath Keep, headquarters to the mysterious Wyrmlord Koth.**

* Habbakuk was determined that his payment be the lucrative ferry business that gave the town its name. The current ferry owner, it was explained, makes 1 silver a crossing (though the first two crossings a day are free), and 80% of his clients are goats. Negotiations are currently on hold.

** Brother Bryn, shortly before retiring to his room to sleep on the bare wooden floor in his hessian undershirt, remembers the map of Elsir Vale his abbot gave to him shortly before the end.

NPC Spotlight: Splug

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Was there ever a goblin to match Splug?

Once an outcast member of the goblin horde allied to Kalarel, he quickly turned traitor against his kin when threatened with certain death by the SRaO. He then became the party’s mistrusted guide through Shadowfell Keep’s catacombs. Though he began his membership of the group as little more than Brick’s leashed gimp he quickly made the transition to pet, then to mascot, and finally to fully fledged ally when he hurled himself into the final climactic battle against Kalarel, falling to the Deathpriest’s blows but saving his newfound master in the process.

Apocalypsia will tell anyone who cares to listen that to this day Brick takes a cuddly Splug doll to bed with him at night on a tiny leash, and cries himself to sleep.

The Party

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Who are the SRaO? Well until the DM succeeds in a TPK, they’re these guys:

  • Apocalypsia Diabolica: A tiefling warlock (Jo). A bit of a bad egg? Morally bankrupt? Downright sociopathic? You decide. Gods alone know why she agreed to join the SRaO on their righteous mission to Elsir Vale. Lucky for them she did though, she seems to save the party’s butts on a regular basis.
  • Brick: A human fighter/ warlord (Sean) wielding a two-handed sword. A native on Nentir Vale, raised in a monastery. Solid, uncompromising, and according to Apocalypsia, named for the shit-house that spawned him.
  • Habbakuk Sandstrider: A human ranger (Jules) wielding twin scimitars, a desert nomad from a distant continent. A man with a rather alien concept of honour and an extremely dodgy middle-eastern accent.
  • Tetsu Neiteki: An elven avenger (Stefan). No seriously. Not a dragonborn rogue. You clearly dreamed that. Certainly after you left Elkridge he was an elf, so he must have been one before, right? Tetsu hales from Hammerfest, and is determined to find and slaughter the entire slaver gang that destroyed his parents’ livelihood. Bit of an overreaction, but that’s elves for you. Or dragonborn.
  • Jereil Sorn: A human bard (Richard), once of high society and party to courtly intrigue, now (due to a rather ill-advised dalliance) a fugitive.  Currently finds himself in the unutterably tedious mudhole Drellin’s Ferry.
  • Thovar Axebeard: A dwarven battlerager/ barbarian (Charlie). A dwarf with a deathwish and a really big axe. Don’t ask him about his past if you like your face attached to your head.
  • Brother Bryn: A human paladin (Russell). I quote: “A self flagellating, fanatical and puritanical Paladin of Pelor”. He’ll be a giggle at parties then.

Remains of the Empire

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The party set off with a caravan, getting as far as the villge of Elkridge before getting sidetracked. Here they discovered the remains of an ancient Dragonborn floating city, crashed into a mountain summit. Within this remnant of the long-fallen empire of Arkhosia they found ghosts, resurrected flying monsters from a bygone age, and a mad dragonborn worshipper of Tiamat called Bejik Vathuner, who was convinced that the long-fallen empire would rise again. The party soon disabused him of this notion by dropping a building on his head.

In the aftermath they learned that Vathuner had discovered the secrets of hatching and controlling the flying creatures, and that he had been selling a number of eggs to a goblin named Saarvith, who had flown off to the west on a black dragon several days past.

The Keep on the Shadowfell

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After a number of misadventures the SRaO got hired to go and wipe out some goblins who were troubling the town of Winterhaven in Nentir Vale, only it turned out they were working for a man named Kalarel (the goblins that is, not the SRO).



Kalarel was a DeathPriest of the Demon Lord of the Undead, \m/ Orcus \m/, who had made his base deep below Shadowfell Keep.

It turned out Kalarel had allied himself with a hobgoblin slaver gang, the Bloodreavers, who were bringing him lots of virgins to sacrifice in his dread rites, or something. His dastardly plan was to open a rift to the Shadowfell and release \m/ Orcus’ \m/ hordes of undead minions upon the worlds of men. This, the party generally agreed, was a Bad Thing (even Apocalypsia was eventually persuaded that undead do little for a girl in search of a quick buck). And so, mixing bravado and incompetence in equal measure, the party succeeded in thwarting Kalarel’s plans, sending the DeathPriest shrieking back to the Shadowfell through his own collapsing portal. Nasty.

Amongst Kalarel’s possessions they found the following letter:


I understand you have been in contact with my representative in Hammerfest, Underboss Gurvan. It is good that the Bloodreavers develop such powerful allies in Nentir Vale.

There are events of which we must speak in person. Though we are a week or more distant you have my word that your trip would be well worth the effort.

I have included directions to my current base of operations. I beseech you, make all possible haste.

Wyrmlord Koth

Kalarel's map

Koth was kind enough to enclose a map.

The party agreed that whatever these “events” were, they needed to be stopped. Kalarel’s map showed Koth’s base as Vraath Keep, and so that was where the SRaO were headed.

We’re stupid, reckless and overwhelmed!

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The human empire of Nerath fell almost 100 years ago. Civilized folk now live in small, isolated points of light scattered across a big, dark, dangerous world. Most of the world is monster-haunted wilderness. The centres of civilization are few and far between, and the world isn’t carved up between nation-states that jealously enforce their borders.

Against this background there gathered a group of adventurers  most aptly named: they were Stupid, Reckless, and Overwhelmed.