Marauder Attack

Friday September 10th 2010

On their way into the small town of Drellin’s Ferry the SRaO were ambushed by a band of hobgoblins with hellhounds. Fortunately Brother Bryn and Thovar happened upon the attack and helped overcome the attackers, and the adventurers headed into Drellin’s ferry together. It was noted that the hobgoblins bore a distinctive red hand marking, obviously their clan symbol.

Brother Bryn managed to instantly get into an argument with pretty much everyone he spoke to (perhaps its the way he never blinks when he speaks, and gives you way too much eye contact). He seemed convinced that end of the world was nigh, and that the final battle between Good and Evil was imminent. Everyone else seemed pretty convinced that he had probably taken one too many blows to the head.

Apocalypsia charmed the surly sergeant outside of town, and soon the party were being treated to a slap up meal in the World’s End tavern (a portent of oncoming doom, according to Brother Bryn).

Norro Wiston

The SRaO were approached by Town Speaker Norro Wiston, who begged the party assist with recent hobgoblin raids upon the town. After some negotiation* the party agreed, and now plan to head into the Witchwood, from where the attacks have stemmed. It also just happens to be the location of Vraath Keep, headquarters to the mysterious Wyrmlord Koth.**

* Habbakuk was determined that his payment be the lucrative ferry business that gave the town its name. The current ferry owner, it was explained, makes 1 silver a crossing (though the first two crossings a day are free), and 80% of his clients are goats. Negotiations are currently on hold.

** Brother Bryn, shortly before retiring to his room to sleep on the bare wooden floor in his hessian undershirt, remembers the map of Elsir Vale his abbot gave to him shortly before the end.

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