Remains of the Empire

The party set off with a caravan, getting as far as the villge of Elkridge before getting sidetracked. Here they discovered the remains of an ancient Dragonborn floating city, crashed into a mountain summit. Within this remnant of the long-fallen empire of Arkhosia they found ghosts, resurrected flying monsters from a bygone age, and a mad dragonborn worshipper of Tiamat called Bejik Vathuner, who was convinced that the long-fallen empire would rise again. The party soon disabused him of this notion by dropping a building on his head.

In the aftermath they learned that Vathuner had discovered the secrets of hatching and controlling the flying creatures, and that he had been selling a number of eggs to a goblin named Saarvith, who had flown off to the west on a black dragon several days past.

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  1. […] of the party, and gets himself ambushed by one of the razorfiend beasts first encountered near Elkridge. To avoid this ambush he races off further away from the party, and gets himself ambushed by a […]

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