The Causeway

17th September 2010

Morning breaks and the SRaO are reunited with Tetsu. Introductions are made, Norro Wiston arrives with a flamboyant young fellow in tow, and the party, now seven strong, set off.


They seek out a local woodsman, Jorr, to act as guide, and after narrowly avoiding a disastrous diplomatic incident (Habbakuk filling Jorr’s hounds with arrows would not have gone down well) Jorr provides the party with some background on the woods and the recent hobgoblin incursions.

Best guess is that the goblinoids have made their way down from the Wyrmsmoke mountains via Skull Gorge, and are now holed up in Vraath Keep. Goodness gracious.

And so the party set off, with Jorr as their guide, for Vraath’s keep.

Along the way they come to  a wooden causeway spanning a patch of boggy ground, and on the far side helpless elven lass cowering over her fallen companion. The party rush to her aid, despite Brother Bryn’s warnings that this elf is not what she seems.

Then, predictably, all hell breaks loose. Huge plant monsters burst from the mud, the elves turn out to be blood-crazed dryads, and the party are once again fighting for their lives.

When the dust has settled the SRaO stand victorious, though wearied by their exploits. Habakuk and Jorr both realise this attack is very unusual; something has driven the normally placid creatures insane.

The party press on through the woods, regailed by Jorr’s tales of local history, until they stand at last in the shadow of Vraath Keep.


3 Responses to “The Causeway”

  1. Failing to be able to make a new topic myself, I will just repply in this one 🙂

    You mentioned a make of minis that you found dirt cheap, what is that again?

  2. I found out, they are called Mage Knight 🙂

    There doesnt seem to be any/many big lots up for sale on the UK ebay site, but loads of them on the American.

  3. Added a new topic with some pointers Stefan.

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