The Keep on the Shadowfell

After a number of misadventures the SRaO got hired to go and wipe out some goblins who were troubling the town of Winterhaven in Nentir Vale, only it turned out they were working for a man named Kalarel (the goblins that is, not the SRO).



Kalarel was a DeathPriest of the Demon Lord of the Undead, \m/ Orcus \m/, who had made his base deep below Shadowfell Keep.

It turned out Kalarel had allied himself with a hobgoblin slaver gang, the Bloodreavers, who were bringing him lots of virgins to sacrifice in his dread rites, or something. His dastardly plan was to open a rift to the Shadowfell and release \m/ Orcus’ \m/ hordes of undead minions upon the worlds of men. This, the party generally agreed, was a Bad Thing (even Apocalypsia was eventually persuaded that undead do little for a girl in search of a quick buck). And so, mixing bravado and incompetence in equal measure, the party succeeded in thwarting Kalarel’s plans, sending the DeathPriest shrieking back to the Shadowfell through his own collapsing portal. Nasty.

Amongst Kalarel’s possessions they found the following letter:


I understand you have been in contact with my representative in Hammerfest, Underboss Gurvan. It is good that the Bloodreavers develop such powerful allies in Nentir Vale.

There are events of which we must speak in person. Though we are a week or more distant you have my word that your trip would be well worth the effort.

I have included directions to my current base of operations. I beseech you, make all possible haste.

Wyrmlord Koth

Kalarel's map

Koth was kind enough to enclose a map.

The party agreed that whatever these “events” were, they needed to be stopped. Kalarel’s map showed Koth’s base as Vraath Keep, and so that was where the SRaO were headed.


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