The Party

Who are the SRaO? Well until the DM succeeds in a TPK, they’re these guys:

  • Apocalypsia Diabolica: A tiefling warlock (Jo). A bit of a bad egg? Morally bankrupt? Downright sociopathic? You decide. Gods alone know why she agreed to join the SRaO on their righteous mission to Elsir Vale. Lucky for them she did though, she seems to save the party’s butts on a regular basis.
  • Brick: A human fighter/ warlord (Sean) wielding a two-handed sword. A native on Nentir Vale, raised in a monastery. Solid, uncompromising, and according to Apocalypsia, named for the shit-house that spawned him.
  • Habbakuk Sandstrider: A human ranger (Jules) wielding twin scimitars, a desert nomad from a distant continent. A man with a rather alien concept of honour and an extremely dodgy middle-eastern accent.
  • Tetsu Neiteki: An elven avenger (Stefan). No seriously. Not a dragonborn rogue. You clearly dreamed that. Certainly after you left Elkridge he was an elf, so he must have been one before, right? Tetsu hales from Hammerfest, and is determined to find and slaughter the entire slaver gang that destroyed his parents’ livelihood. Bit of an overreaction, but that’s elves for you. Or dragonborn.
  • Jereil Sorn: A human bard (Richard), once of high society and party to courtly intrigue, now (due to a rather ill-advised dalliance) a fugitive.  Currently finds himself in the unutterably tedious mudhole Drellin’s Ferry.
  • Thovar Axebeard: A dwarven battlerager/ barbarian (Charlie). A dwarf with a deathwish and a really big axe. Don’t ask him about his past if you like your face attached to your head.
  • Brother Bryn: A human paladin (Russell). I quote: “A self flagellating, fanatical and puritanical Paladin of Pelor”. He’ll be a giggle at parties then.

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