Cheap Minis

Stefan raised a question about prepainted plastic minis, and what to use as an alternative to the rather expensive D&D minis if you want to bulk up your collection. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mage Knight: Rather poor paint jobs in the main, but because the game is no longer live you can pick tons of these up very cheap. Buying from the US will push up postage costs, but you can find some very cheap job lots. Easy to debase with a sharp craft knife, but be sure to hold the mini in a towel to avoid taking chunks out of your fingers. Keep an eye out on eBay for job lots (not many on there at the moment because I bought them all!), there are some real bargains to be had.
  • Dreamblade: Avoid the humanoids as they are much larger scale, but a lot of the monsters look wonderful. Downside: they are VERY hard to get off their big square bases.
  • Heroscape: Again, cheaper than D&D minis in the main. These minis feature modern day and future minis as well as fantasy ones, so be careful what you buy.

For bases you need Superglue and 25mm closed (slotless) bases for medium minis, 50mm bases for large. Try these sites:

Bits and Kits


6 Responses to “Cheap Minis”

  1. Hmm so you do need to rebase the mageknights to use them for D&D?

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  3. it does. Dowkeen is me Stefan (just as my email adress)

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