All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

The setting is America 2012, everything is business as usual. The five nutters who are the characters have met up in Dave’s parents’ cellar for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Its an all-nighter and a bit before dawn everything breaks down as Greg insists to be allowed to own a +6 vorpal sword of slaying, as it says so in the rules…

The characters:
Brad: The Jock that likes slumming it with the nerds playing some D&D.
Dave: The computer wizkid, studying IT, but knows he doesnt have to as he can just hack the final exam results anyway.
Noel: The Shop assistant, spending much of his time at work preparing the next adventure for the D&D group he is GMing for, or watching DVDs he has mooched off of all his friends.
Tabitha: The goth chick who thinks the rest of the group are a pathetic bunch of losers, but deep down rather likes hanging out with them.
Greg: College dropout, now sells vacuum cleaners door-to-door. He is convinced that the government, led by FEMA, are up to something, and that anything you hear in the media is fabricated.

As the argument dies down and everyone is just kicking back Greg and Dave starts geeking over the fact that Dave’s internet doesnt seem to work. Noel wanders up to the kitchen to grab some more Mountain Dew…alone. The fridge is filled with good stuff and he scoffs a few spoonsfulls of Dave’s mum’s famous potato salad down before he sets back towards the rest of the group. It is only now that he discovers that everywhere in the kitchen is written  “Come and see”!

Intrigued vaguely by this, but not enough to stop him eating, Noel continues into the house to find out what is to be seen. He finds that the writing on the wall is all over the corridor leading him into the living room, all by himself while the rest are perfectly unaware downstairs. As he enters the livingroom in semi darkness he discovers…

Meanwhile in the cellar Dave has via backdoors and clever IP routing managed to get on to, the conspiracy site that is Greg’s home away from home. Dave points out that there hasn’t been any activity on the site for more than 8 hours and Greg quickly jumps to the conclusion that the government must be trying to shut it down. Bored with the endless conspiracy nutting of Dave and Greg, Tabitha decided to take a bit of fresh air in the garden. It is dawn and the sun is rising big, orange and beautiful, to which Tabitha thinks “whatever…” untill she spots…

Upstairs in the livingroom a strange and mindboggling sight greets Noel; The clothes of Miss [Dave’s surname] are “sitting” on the sofa all by themselves. There is no sign of her, it looks as if she has evaporated into thin air. At this strange sight there is only one thing for Noel to do: He takes another sip of his mountain dew!

Tabitha comes back in to the room exclaiming, a little bit out of breath: …

I am a bit fussy on the details here, would anyone care to write the next little bit untill we run screaming and panicked out of the house to the pickup truck, and that thing bursts through the window as we ride off, tyres screaming?

3 Responses to “All Flesh Must Be Eaten!”

  1. [name 1] = Noel
    [name 2] = Tabitha (I think)

  2. Zombie Master Says:

    Stefan is doing a fine job with this session report – so I will let him continue – unless you want some help? Dont want it to go stale

  3. Thanks for the update Stefan. Anyone up for continuing?

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