Next Session

The next D&D session, Assault on Vraath Keep, will be at mine on Friday 1st October.

Please add a comment below to let me know whether you can make it.

11 Responses to “Next Session”

  1. I can make it 🙂
    Looking forward to it

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t make it this week. I’m sorry to miss this game as I enjoyed the last session.

    Also I am concerned that without Brother Bryn the party will have lost its moral compass, and may well be easy prey to the next band of corruption spirits disguised as elven sorts in distress.

  3. Richard "Iamnotgay" Smith Says:

    I’ll be there and looking forward to making the assault – or perhaps lurking at the back and writing about the heroic deaths that might happen.

  4. Conley Boys Says:

    Chuck and I are in!!

    I want to configure a power that lets me throw Thovar like a missile in to the melee

  5. hehe “Iamnotgay” :p

    Is it standard time this Friday, so 7:30ish?

    Another thing: Does anyone have a mini of an Igor and/or burning dog(hellhound) that I can buy/borrow?

  6. Yup, standard time.

    I have a big gravedigger guy that looks a bit like an Igor. Closest I can do on hellhounds are shadow hounds I’m afraid.

  7. Just re-saw LOTR.
    Quote that dwarf guy:
    “NObody tosses a dwarf!”

  8. I’m not definite for tonight. Plan to play without Habbakuk and if he does rock up it’ll be a nice surprise. What might be an even bigger surprise is that he seems more like a half-orc than he did before, or possibly an elf. It’s still very much in the balance.

  9. He has always seemed like a half-orc/elf to me: A bit bruteish, a bit arrrogant, a funny acsent…and quite rural.

    If you are going for elf, you should check out some of the Valenar* feets (for close combat). Also looking at your playstyle you usually seem more happy at range than in close combat from what we have played so far, so maybe elf with their higher dex is more suitable?

    *Valenar elfs are the “native american/mongolian/middle eastern” elfs from the Eberon setting. It is also the race that Tetsu Naiteka is though.

    • “He has always seemed like a half-orc/elf to me: A bit bruteish, a bit arrrogant, a funny acsent…and quite rural.”

      Hang on – is that me or my character you’re describing?

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