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Skull Gorge

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on October 30, 2010 by Carl

Red Hand Map

Our heroes explore Vraath Keep and come across a map that suggests the hobgoblins they have encountered thus far are merely the vanguard of a far larger army. It seems a full scale invasion of the Vale is planned, and the SRaO are right in the path of the oncoming storm. Should they run away? Mill about panicking? Smack the army in the face?

The party discuss their next steps, and eventually notice that one of their number is missing. After a brief search (in which the stuffed owlbear becomes prime suspect) Apocalypsia emerges from a trapdoorn in the tower floor clad in a rather fetching new suit of armour.

Despite her protestations of innocence the party seem unconvinced when she explains that was all she found in the vault below the keep. After some interrogation a couple of items that accidentally “slipped” into her bag of holding turn up, and the party tool up. One particularly finely crafted set of bracers is recognized by Jerell as depicting the exploits of the Lions of Brindol, a legendary group of adventurers from the twilight days of the Neruth Empire. Very fetching.

Further inspection of Wyrmlord Koth’s papers reveal that they have been written in a fiendish goblin code:

rd H& kil em ppl EZ LOL EG.

Habbakuk’s hours of meticulous decryption reveal the following meaning in the seemingly nonsensical scawls;:

The Red Hand will kill those people easily. Laugh out loud, evil grin.

Further study reveals

  • The Enemy army is gathering at Cinder Hill, beyond the Skull Gorge bridge, preparing to march on Drellin’s Ferry
  • there are a number of Wyrmlords leading the enemy army; Koth, Saarvith, Ulrai Stormcaller and Hravek Kharn. They in turn are led by the High Wyrmlord, Azarr Kul
  • There are dragons in the army, including one called Ozzyranias

Eventually the party, satisfied that the tiefling has no more ill-gotten loot in her bag of holding, settle down for an unbroken night’s sleep. The following morning they set off for Skull Gorge, intent upon taking out the bridge in order to hinder the goblinoid army’s progress.

Along the way they meet an ageing giant of indeterminate origin (Cornish? Scottish? Who can say?). He is Wracklegnaw of the TwistTusk clan, and with guile, flattery and bribery the party succeed in pursuading him to join their cause against the hobgoblins. Better yet, the giant declares he will head up into the Wyrmsmoke Mountains to gather his clan for the approaching battle; it seems the party have made a powerful ally.

They press on for Skull Gorge, and discover a solid stone bridge spanning a deep chasm. Hobgoblins and hellhounds patrol the bridge, along with a large green dragon: Ozyrrandias!

An unusually lengthy planning session ensues, which eventually concludes with the predictable  “Chaaarge!” That said, the party are unstoppable, combining well and making mincemeat of the opposition. Even the dragon cannot withstand the onslaught, and before long the party hold Skull Gorge bridge.

All in all a disconcertingly competent display the SRaO crew, high fives all round.

Next Session: Friday October 29th

Posted in General on October 25, 2010 by Carl

We’ve missed out sessions for the last couple of weeks, so I’m really hoping we can get a good turnout this week. Please post to let me know if you can make it or not.

Next Session

Posted in Uncategorized on October 11, 2010 by Carl

Unfortunately I can’t make Friday 15th. The next D&D session at mine will be Friday October 22nd. Apologies all.

Everyone will be going up to Level 6, which means you get a feat AND a power. Here are my suggestions, please let me know if you’d like something different.

  • Jerell: Echoing Steps (teleport an ally up to 6 spaces, then 1 per turn as a minor for the rest of the encounter) and Pact Initiate (multiclass to Warlock to gain training in Streetwise, and a per encounter use of Eyebite)
  • Apocalypsia: Unspeakable Bond (if you take damage you pass the damage on to an ally, who then gains bonuses to attack, damage and defenses) and Warlock’s Wrath (Warlock’s curse damage now uses d8s, and an extra minor action power that protects you and damages melee attackers)
  • Brick: Daring Shot (mark all adjacent enemies, and gain temporary HP) and Weapon focus (axe). And a bunch of other retraining too.
  • Brother Bryn: Wrath of the Gods (+5 damage for you and allies until the end of the encounter) and Focused Mind (+4 on saves vs dazed or stun)
  • Habbakuk: Weave through the Fray (Run away!) and Hobbling Strike (slow your quarry)
  • Tetsu: Step of Fate (stance to shift for free at the start of each turn) and Divine Rage (close burst push power)
  • Thovar: Unbreakable (reduce damage by 8 ) and Weapon Focus (axe)

Assault on Vraath Keep

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on October 3, 2010 by Carl

Having arrived at Vraath Keep, spoor-smelling woodland base of the mysterious Wyrmlord Koth, The party truly live up to the first two parts of their name.

Rather than creeping silently into the enemy camp, reconnoitring, then isolating their foes and taking them down silently like a mofo-ing ninja, they instead decide to march into the centre of the courtyard, call out “Is anybody home?” and knock down the outhouse just in case anyone in the keep is a little deaf.

Wolf-riding goblins burst from the stables, and before you can cry “Hit me Pelor one more time” the paladin is bleeding out into the dust. Why is it invariably the character who’s player is absent who is always inches away from death?

Next a (beautifully painted) whip-wielding minotaur comes stomping out of the barracks with a gang of hobgoblin troops at his back, and battle is joined. The usual chaos ensues in the courtyard, but to give the party their dues they handle themselves with aplomb. Certainly with more aplomb than the DM, who suffers a number of technical hitches on the night (more astute observers recognizing these to be PEBKAC issues).

Wyrmlord Koth

Clearly irked at seeing the party wade so effortlessly through his waves of goons (or perhaps just determined to wreak bloody revenge for the wanton destruction of his Duplo dice tower) the DM takes it up a notch. The party head into the barracks after Wyrmlord “Hey, this guy’s a bit of a pussy!” Koth, only to run smack bang into the third part of their name. Koth, his summoned shadowhunter bats and his runic gargoyle make full use of both the challenging terrain of the keep’s tower, as well as some very nasty movement-inhibiting powers to hand the party’s posteriors to them on a silver platter. The DM is in danger of running out of bloodied tokens, and once again Jules gets very close to having to explain to Russell why Brother Bryn is pushing up daisies.

Still, the party do just enough to cause the sneering Wyrmlord to flee the keep, carried away by two of his bats. The Wyrmlord is determined to have the last word however. Koth lands near the keep gates, and grabbing the hapless Jorr by the hair he slits the woodsman’s throat with his own whittling knife, mocking the party as he does so. Oooh, the dirty rotter.