Assault on Vraath Keep

Having arrived at Vraath Keep, spoor-smelling woodland base of the mysterious Wyrmlord Koth, The party truly live up to the first two parts of their name.

Rather than creeping silently into the enemy camp, reconnoitring, then isolating their foes and taking them down silently like a mofo-ing ninja, they instead decide to march into the centre of the courtyard, call out “Is anybody home?” and knock down the outhouse just in case anyone in the keep is a little deaf.

Wolf-riding goblins burst from the stables, and before you can cry “Hit me Pelor one more time” the paladin is bleeding out into the dust. Why is it invariably the character who’s player is absent who is always inches away from death?

Next a (beautifully painted) whip-wielding minotaur comes stomping out of the barracks with a gang of hobgoblin troops at his back, and battle is joined. The usual chaos ensues in the courtyard, but to give the party their dues they handle themselves with aplomb. Certainly with more aplomb than the DM, who suffers a number of technical hitches on the night (more astute observers recognizing these to be PEBKAC issues).

Wyrmlord Koth

Clearly irked at seeing the party wade so effortlessly through his waves of goons (or perhaps just determined to wreak bloody revenge for the wanton destruction of his Duplo dice tower) the DM takes it up a notch. The party head into the barracks after Wyrmlord “Hey, this guy’s a bit of a pussy!” Koth, only to run smack bang into the third part of their name. Koth, his summoned shadowhunter bats and his runic gargoyle make full use of both the challenging terrain of the keep’s tower, as well as some very nasty movement-inhibiting powers to hand the party’s posteriors to them on a silver platter. The DM is in danger of running out of bloodied tokens, and once again Jules gets very close to having to explain to Russell why Brother Bryn is pushing up daisies.

Still, the party do just enough to cause the sneering Wyrmlord to flee the keep, carried away by two of his bats. The Wyrmlord is determined to have the last word however. Koth lands near the keep gates, and grabbing the hapless Jorr by the hair he slits the woodsman’s throat with his own whittling knife, mocking the party as he does so. Oooh, the dirty rotter.

3 Responses to “Assault on Vraath Keep”

  1. Revenge! We shall hunt him down for the audacity he had of hitting us…oh and killing that peasant as well…but how DARE he hit US!

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    Thanks for not killing my character last week. I guess from the lack of correspondence that there is no game this week. That works out well for me as I can’t make it again.

  3. This is the best ever write-up of a game session! I’m wiping away the tears now…

    No game this week? What’s the gen for next Friday?

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