Next Session

Unfortunately I can’t make Friday 15th. The next D&D session at mine will be Friday October 22nd. Apologies all.

Everyone will be going up to Level 6, which means you get a feat AND a power. Here are my suggestions, please let me know if you’d like something different.

  • Jerell: Echoing Steps (teleport an ally up to 6 spaces, then 1 per turn as a minor for the rest of the encounter) and Pact Initiate (multiclass to Warlock to gain training in Streetwise, and a per encounter use of Eyebite)
  • Apocalypsia: Unspeakable Bond (if you take damage you pass the damage on to an ally, who then gains bonuses to attack, damage and defenses) and Warlock’s Wrath (Warlock’s curse damage now uses d8s, and an extra minor action power that protects you and damages melee attackers)
  • Brick: Daring Shot (mark all adjacent enemies, and gain temporary HP) and Weapon focus (axe). And a bunch of other retraining too.
  • Brother Bryn: Wrath of the Gods (+5 damage for you and allies until the end of the encounter) and Focused Mind (+4 on saves vs dazed or stun)
  • Habbakuk: Weave through the Fray (Run away!) and Hobbling Strike (slow your quarry)
  • Tetsu: Step of Fate (stance to shift for free at the start of each turn) and Divine Rage (close burst push power)
  • Thovar: Unbreakable (reduce damage by 8 ) and Weapon Focus (axe)

20 Responses to “Next Session”

  1. For power I was thinking “oath of the relentless hunter” unless you find it will destroy your plots 🙂

    Feats: I dont want any more Divine feats as I always use the power to let others reroll, I like that better as its a team power. I was thinking of something borring yet effective as Unarmored Agility or Versatile Expertise (holy symbol/falchion), as I really dont like to be hit all the time 🙂

  2. Ah yes, I remember you mentioning relentless Hunter. Done!

    I’ve added Unarmoured Agility, let me know if you want to swap.

  3. Okay. Have we a plan B for those of us who can make it? I think its Sean, Chuck, Russell and I. Richard?

    • Well Im gutetd because i wanted to try out the new and improved Brick.

      We could play a different game at Jule’s house? Jules you cool with that/ Or we could break into Carls while he is out?

      Id really rather continue All Flesh with more people – seems a shame for Joe and Carl and Stefan to miss out. So Im talking myself out of gaming.. we could stil break into Carls for a laugh and break his dice tower again.

      If its just Me Chuck Russell and Jules.. Russell do you play Warhammer? Just a thought. I dunno – what do you guys want to do?

  4. Changes look good but, to confirm, my bard is already multi-classed into a warlord so is he able to multi-class again? This some funky new 4th ed rule? As for the new power, looks great, exactly what we could of done with last session methinks.

    I’m up for tomorrow if something is up, maybe a continuation of all flesh perhaps?

  5. HI guys,

    So I guess we are meeting again next week on the 22nd?

    I am not prepared for All Flesh because I thought we were playing D&D.

    Plus my wife is leaving for Columbia in the morning for almost 2 weeks and I’d kinda like to see her before she is kidnapped in the columbian jungle.

    So next week?

  6. Russell Bannister Says:

    Sorry for not replying, I thought nothing was happening this week and so I didn’t check this website.

    I am free to do RP tonight as my wife is out with her friends. I am happy to play Warhammer or anything else, or if necessary I have an interesting low-prep game called “3:16 Carnage Amonst the Stars” which I would be happy to run.

    I’ll assume nothing is happening though unless I hear otherwise. I won’t be able to make it next week, and possibly for a few weeks after that. I apologise in advance.

  7. Richard, one of the bard class features is multiclass versatility; you can take as many multiclass feats as you like.

  8. Friday Oct 22nd at mine: show of hands? Unfortunately Jules is minding the bairns, as am I, so he can’t make it and I can’t go to his. Can eberyone else make it?

  9. One of Julies friends is coming over the 22nd, but I dont think that involves me…I hope not! :p


  10. I didn’t know that Carl but that’s fine to have then. As for RP, I’m going to be here for it. Not sure whether Jo is coming or not as she is still on holiday – probably means not

  11. …it seems it DOES involve me :p
    Does anyone have a good excuse that I can use to wiggle my way out of a social night with the girls in return for a social night with the Great Hulks of Men that play roleplaying games?

    • I have loads:

      1. Tell here you hae really bad wind and have even followed through a few times. Timing is important here you have to plan it in advance to make it plausible. In any event she won’t want you farting around her mates. Prep time 12-24 hrs

      2. Ask her in advance if a specific girl is coming along – make it obvious you fancy her. Theen watch her find something else for you to do – be careful though it could backfire and she could make you stay but not invite said hot chick. Risky this one.

      3. Contract a bizzare contagious disease. Leprosy sounds good – just make the sypmtoms believeable.

      4 Be a man about it. Repeat after me “Look Bitch, Im going out with my mates”. I doubt you would get past “Look Bitch” But I just pissed myself thinking abuout you doing it so Im keeping this one in.

      5. Be a pussy, Say you really want to go play with your friends and kiss her ass all over the place, ulitimately surrendering and arranging to go and do something she really wants to do like go to IKEA or sub,it to doing chores or something else to make her feel like she has contorol over you (My personal favourite – not proud of it but its where I usually end up)

      I think 5 is a good number – I think we should vote for the one you use I say 2 or 4.

      Good luck


      • She thwarted my plans of escaping even before she knew I wanted to escape…she must be a witch! And in that case I think I need something bigger than an excuse: a bonfire :p

  12. New update via Email. Julies dad is now coming up to do some work for us (installing new oven), and I need to be there to haul stuff. So it is now 100% out of the question that I will be able to come tomorrow! Buuuuh! Grmbl!

    Tetsu is mad. In combat he will willingly give his own life for an allies (not including Apocalyptica) wellbeing. So unless you sacrifice him in a silly situation, Im “ok” with him dying…dont get me wrong, try and keep him alive! :p

  13. Awww man I wanted to see which option you picked – Her dad is involved now – no way out you are stuffed. Don’t worry Ill protect your little elf

  14. Well Jo’s on holiday, Jules is trapped in a house full of younguns, Stefan is sensibly refusing to call his bride to be a bitch, Russell is AWOL for a few weeks so we look to be down to Sean, Charlie, Richard and myself tomorrow night.

    I suggest we go for it anyway, but perhaps have a board game night instead of D&D, as the next session is quite RP and plot based, and it would be good to have a fuller contingient. I suggest we break out the following:

    * Dominion (along with various expansions)
    * Cosmic Encounter
    * Summoner Wars (fantastic as a 4 player game)

    Sound like a plan?

  15. Speaking of Dominion, the latest expansion (Prosperity) is fantastic. Had a go at it last weekend in Denmark, and it adds a lot to the game. For new purchasers of Dominion I would Recommend Prosperity and seaside as the best expansions 🙂

    I am 99% sure that I can make it next week.

  16. Richard 'Ill' Smith Says:

    Going to have to cancel tonight for me. Had to take a day of work today and I’ve only just got out of bed now, probably be unwise for me to come even though I want to =(
    hopefully I’ll see you all next week.

  17. Cancelled. Bugger.

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