Next Session: Friday October 29th

We’ve missed out sessions for the last couple of weeks, so I’m really hoping we can get a good turnout this week. Please post to let me know if you can make it or not.


9 Responses to “Next Session: Friday October 29th”

  1. I will be there!

  2. Sean and Chuck Says:

    We are in – changed plans so we can play

  3. Russell Bannister Says:

    I have a pass for this Friday so hopefully I will be there. Apologies for my absence last week.

  4. I’m in, definitely!

  5. Russell Bannister Says:

    Is the game on tonight? I assume so, but please let me know if it isn’t. Thanks.

  6. We are 5 so far, haven’t seen anything from Jules or Jo, and even if we get a few cancellations I am coming up tonight for anything (even a few 2 player games with Carl!)

    I assume it is at Carls again? If I am late go ahead and order pizza without me as I am bringing some chilli for myself 🙂

  7. Yes I’m in. See you around the usual time.

  8. Going to leave home now, If I am there at 19:30 or 20:30 is going to be hard to tell, it all depends on what the traffic is like (yesterday a lane was shut on the M25 and it was absolute mayhem)

    I am not having Pizza tonight so order without me 🙂

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