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Dragonmeet 2010

Posted in General on November 28, 2010 by Carl

One trek across a frozen London and one half-hour queue with a pack of friendly nerds and I was through the doors of Dragonmeet 2010. Making a beeline for the signup table I just managed to nab the last spot on the morning’s Deathwatch game, a system Sean had mentioned the day before. Then it was off to explore the various trader stalls for an hour or so.

I was a little disappointed to find no minis on sale (I’d planned a raid on the bargain buckets), but there was a reasonable showing of the smaller RPG publishers and quite a few board games being demoed.

My old itch for a quick, light and fun Supers game was back, so I trawled the traders to see if there was a suitable Savage Worlds offering. There wasn’t, and that turned out to be excellent news: I found a newish game called Icons, from the designer of Mutants and Masterminds.

I’d played M&M at a previous Dragonmeet and had enjoyed it, but upon closer inspection and found the rules too heavy for my tastes (and, I suspect, those of our group).

A brief perusal of the Icons rules suggested it was just what I was looking for; the same comic book feel as M&M, but with a vastly simplified rule set. It looked a winner so I bought a copy, and decided to get myself on the afternoon’s  Icons game.

Then it was time for the day’s gaming.


As expected this turned out to be Dark Heresy minus the puny scumbags and plus 9 foot tall genetically enhanced uberhumans in powered battle armour with massive guns. These guys really are nails. Titanium ones.

Character creation is really quick. I ended up with a surly Dark Angel devastator with an Astertes storm bolter. The guy next to me was playing a SpaceWolf, wielding dual chainswords. Total nutcases, those Wolves.

The module consisted of a planet drop, recon of an ancient archive and battle with a reanimated chaos marine and a carnifex. The carnifex eventually went down after one Space Wolf jumped on its back, and the other space wolf flew the length of the corridor with chainswords extended, sawed into the beastie’s legs, then shoved all his explosives into the hole. Splat.

We left minus our Inquisitor (our psycher made him shoot himself in the head after becoming infected by some nasty Xeno bug), with only minor injuries (the Space Wolf blew his hand off taking out the carnifex, and my brother Dark Angel blew his off when his storm bolter blew up on him. Bah, fleshwounds.

Upshot: a slightly confused module with quite a few unresolved plot points (we were a bit rushed as the DM was a bit late) but well worth doing to get the feel of the game. Sean, when you run this I’m playing one of those Space Wolves. Jetpack, chainswords, smelly wolf pelt, the works.


I played this to gain some hands on experience of the system as much as anything, but thankfully the module turned out to be a real blast too.

We were the ION Guard, galactic guardians of this space sector *cough*greenlanterncorps*cough*. I played Cosmax, essentially a 9 foot tall alien space hippy.

Called out to a remote planet we discovered all 4 million inhabitants missing, teleported aboard a vast spherical ship that we discovered fleeing the scene. We engaged the ship in conversation and discovered the sentients of the planet had been plugged into a vast VR with no knowledge of their kidnap. Cosmax, Doc Orion and Kelos were freed from the VR by Lt Johnson, the Astral Archer and the stogie-chomping Republican Space Ranger. We tackled the intelligence behind the kidnapping, finally taking him out with the Black Mercy manoeuvre (plugging him into his own VR to make him see our party fall in defeat, leaving him free to continue his mission uninterrupted).

A couple of very entertaining games, and I look forward to playing both systems again soon. Once again, a highly rewarding Dragonmeet. Roll on next year!

The Elves of Tiri Kitor

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on November 28, 2010 by Carl

No Russell this week, so Julie steps into the breach and takes on Doomsayer Brynn. Thanks Julie!

The party leave the blockade and head west inro the Blackfen marshes, hunting for the ruins of Rhest. After a few hours of wading through mud and rushes (and contemplating the merits of inflated otters as water-shoes) the party come across the half-melted remains of a giant owl. Tetsu moves ahead of the party, and gets himself ambushed by one of the razorfiend beasts first encountered near Elkridge. To avoid this ambush he races off further away from the party, and gets himself ambushed by a lizardfolk hunting party.

Things go badly for the SRaO at first. The party are split, there are enemies on all sides, and little lizardmen keep firing darts into Jerell’s buttocks. The greenspawn razorfiend is one tough customer, and Tetsu is down and being wailed upon by multiple lizardy foes.

The turning point comes when Thovar hurls himself into the mob of lizardmen thugs, enabling Tetsu so beat a retreat. Despite the party spending almost as much time trying to extricate themselves from mud as they do fighting enemies the fight begins to sway their way; after a marathon battle all their foes bar one escaped lizardman darter lie dead in the mud.

The battle has taken its toll; Tetsu is nursed back to conciousness, but it is clear that both he and Brynn are spent. A search of the area reveals an elven bow and around the owl’s foot a jade band. The foot is quickly sawn off and the band pocketed, just as a light of giant owls bearing grim-faced elves land to surround the party.

Negotiations do not go well. Diplomacy has never been Brick’s strong suit, and The elven hunt leader, Killiar Swiftarrow, comes within a whisker of having his men cut the party down. Jerell and Habbakuk are able to smooth things over somewhat, and Killiar orders the party to return with them to Tiri Kitor (which they duly do).

Tiri Kitor proves to be a large elven settlement deep in the Blackfens. The party are welcomed by the elven leader Sellryia Starsinger, and introduced to Trellara Nightshadow. The grieving Trellara turn out to be the sister of the elf slain in the marsh, and also sister to Silanis Nightshadow, one of the members of the Lions of Brindol.

The party are offered healing, rest and sustenance in the elven town, along with some information about Rhest and the surrounding are, but it is made clear that any assault on Rhest will need to be undertaken by the party alone. The elves’ first priority is the protection of their own.

And so, for the first time in a long time, the party get a full and restoring rest, and all rise to level 7!

Next Session: Friday November 26th

Posted in General on November 22, 2010 by Carl

Our heroes have broken the Rhest trail blockade, and now the Blackfens lie before them. What trouble will they land themselves in this time? Pop on over TO JULES’ PLACE for 7.30pm at my place to find out.

Looks like Russell won’t be with us this week (though free drugs is a pretty good excuse.  Almost as good as free sex). Can the rest of us make it?

On the Rhest Trail

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on November 20, 2010 by Carl

The party head east on horseback, passing through several villages on the way. Fear (or is it Phil?) is spreading like wildfire as rumours abound of a vast invading force. Along the way Brother Bryn, dubbed Doomsayer of Pelor by his companions, seeks to gather converts to his cause. Naturally the SRaO do their level best to bring down the tone.

Brother Bryn: “And lo, Pelor said unto the multitudes…”
Brick: “Show us yer knob!”

Bryn’s preaching soon seems to gather attention, and by the time the party reach Talar Bryn has fallen uncharacteristically silent.

Leaving  Talar the party run into a particularly foul mouthed gang of looters. In the face of unacceptable provocation (“Fuck yer bastard Pelor!”) the party have no choice but to attack (and anyway, everyone knows that Palor hates ducking halflings).

The looters are a lowly local criminal gang known as the Crimson Tigers, and prove no match for our mighty heroes. They fall before the onslaught with suitably colourful colloquialisms (“Shit the bed!”).

Only one of the Crimson Tigers escapes with their life, the gang’s eladrin leader Ezkabel. But in so doing she incurs the wrath of Tetsu the elven avenger. In an act of horrific savagery he takes leave of the party to hunt her down, rape her and leave her by the roadside in the name of “honour”. Is this what the Heroes of Drellin’s Ferry are made of?

Tetsu rejoins the party in Witchcross, and from there the SRaO press on east along the Rhest Trail. Six days after leaving Drellin’s Ferry the party arrive at the hobgoblin roadblock.

Tactics are discussed. Should they sneak up? Bluff their way past? Leroy the blockade? In the end they combine all of the above, launching a highly effective assault underpinned by some exceptional teleporting work from the bard. Despite a couple of comedy pratfalls from the fighter and the priest (“I’m a paladin!”) the party are soon atop the the blockade and kicking hobgoblin and ogre butt. The DM, confounded by the theft of all the double digits on his d20s, eventually gives up in disgust to general high-fiving and whooping.

Next Session: Friday Nov 19th

Posted in General on November 16, 2010 by Carl

The SRaO are heading north to investigate reports of blockades on the Rhest road. They’ll be doing so in the comfort of Jules’ house, as our hall is being decorated this week and things chez nous will be a bit hectic.

Please can we have a show of hands?

Desperate Counsel

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on November 13, 2010 by Carl

Our party stand victorious upon Skull Gorge Bridge. After protracted debate it agreed that the bridge must be destroyed, but not before scouting on ahead to see this Red Hand horde for themselves.

The Red Hand does not disappoint. The encampment hold thousands, including hobgoblins, goblin worg riders, giants, a red dragon and countless other monstrous creatures. Further protracted debate (including a suggestion that the party Leeroy the army) wisely leads the SRaO to retreat. With the application of a little expert stonemasonry the bridge goes down. The party head back to Drellin’s Ferry (draggin’ the dragon’s head behind them), secure in the knowledge that they have significantly delayed their foes’ plans.

Back at Drellin’s Ferry the party’s news is greeted with disbelief and horror. A council meeting is called, but before the party can reach it a gang of joyriding goblins atop a juvenile delinquent chimera (apparently called Bollix) land in the marketplace and set about slaughtering the townsfolk.

The party make short work of the intruders, with Jerell’s mind-bending compulsion powers in particular leading the Chimera a merry dance. Brick knocks one of the goblins out, and there is some uncertainty as to his motives. Not surprising perhaps, given Brick’s history with goblins.

Brick : As a minor action…
Habbakuk: …you sodomise the unconscious goblin?
DM: Sodomy is not a minor action.
Habbakuk: It is for Brick.

The goblin is revived and the party threaten it with a variety of  torture techniques including

  • Water-boarding in the village fountain (it’s an essential measure to ensure the security of the region
  • Demonic soul leeching (including the drawing of chalk pentagrams around the hapless prisoner)
  • Head-shaving (don’t ask me)

All this creativity ultimately proves fruitless, as all the party are able to discover is that the goblin can’t count, and that he serves the “Big Blue Master”.

The party quickly persuade the council that they must evacuate the village and retreat to the safety of Brindol’s walls. By the power of montage the SRaO are soon at the head of a wagon train heading east. A rider approaches and asks what’s going on.

“We’re evacuating in the face of a goblin invasion” replies Brother Bryn, causing the rest of the party to spit out their breakfast. The rider does an admirable job of keeping a straight face, and informs them that the Rhest trail to the north is blocked by ogres and hobgoblins. Being stupid and reckless (though these days less frequently overwhelmed) the party commandeer horses and set off towards Rhest.

Next Session: Friday 12th November

Posted in General on November 9, 2010 by Carl

Sadly another cancelled session last week. Fingers crossed we’ll have enough folks this time round. Who’s available this Friday?