Next Session: Friday Nov 5th CANCELLED

The bridge at Skull Gorge is taken; what will the SRaO do next? Find out at my place, 7.30pm onwards this Friday. Unless you’re Russell or Stefan, who sadly can’t make it.

Can I see a show of hands for those that can?


4 Responses to “Next Session: Friday Nov 5th CANCELLED”

  1. Sean and Chuck Says:

    We are in

  2. Hey guys,

    As I said before, I won’t be able to attend tomorrow; try not to kill Jerrell please =)

    Jo can’t make it either due to some nefarious plan she is plotting.

    See you next week,

  3. Sadly D&D night is cancelled this week.

    Mandatory attendance next week, you hear? No excuses, on pain of your character’s death!

  4. Right of the bat I cant think of anything that would stop me being there next week.

    I shall repent my sin of not coming in the car all the way to Nottingham. OH forgive me great Chtullu, god of roleplaying! I shall do 5 Phftangs in your honour.

    Phftang…. Phftang (better safe than sorry)

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