Next Session: Friday Nov 19th

The SRaO are heading north to investigate reports of blockades on the Rhest road. They’ll be doing so in the comfort of Jules’ house, as our hall is being decorated this week and things chez nous will be a bit hectic.

Please can we have a show of hands?

7 Responses to “Next Session: Friday Nov 19th”

  1. Russell Bannister Says:

    I should be OK for this week. No pizza for me this time though, no matter how good value it is.

  2. Sean and Chuck Says:

    We are in too – also possibly sans pizza

  3. I am in as well, again I have to get home from work and then take the car…no idea what the traffic is going to be like (was lucky last Friday) so might be quite late.

    The big question: Dominos or Pappa Johns!?

  4. We’ve had our hall decorated too. Well, I did it myself. We can all get headaches on the smell of gloss paint and white spirit. Woo.

    I think pizza quality is about even but PJs is about 1/3 cheaper than Dominos. Just a thought for Austerity Britain.

  5. OK OK papa johns – are jo and richard coming?

  6. Ok, in that case can I put an order in on an XL -The works on whatever crust the rest of you are having, in case I am not there before you order?

    Looking forward for tonight, see you soon 🙂

  7. No Jo but Richard is a maybe. Stefan, we’ll order if you aren’t here whe my tummy starts to rumble.

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