Next Session: Friday November 26th

Our heroes have broken the Rhest trail blockade, and now the Blackfens lie before them. What trouble will they land themselves in this time? Pop on over TO JULES’ PLACE for 7.30pm at my place to find out.

Looks like Russell won’t be with us this week (though free drugs is a pretty good excuse.  Almost as good as free sex). Can the rest of us make it?

10 Responses to “Next Session: Friday November 26th”

  1. K is out at book club on Friday so I can’t leave the house. Can you all come to mine again? If not then I’ll have to bail.

  2. cool with me – at least I know where to go this time

  3. I can make it either place 🙂

  4. Yup, Jules’ place it is.

  5. Hey all, just to make an enquiry:

    I am going to cambridge with my better half in the morning tomorrow, and the plan was to drop me off at Jules’ on the way back. But another potential plan has emerged. Julie has long wanted to try roleplaying, and now that she is actually in the neighbourhood it could be an oppertunity.
    Would you mind if she sat in on tomorrows session, it wont be a regular ocourance as she wont be able to make it normally because of work. She could potentially play as Borring Bryn.
    Would anyone be against it? I wont hold it against you…what is your thougths

    • Russell Bannister Says:

      I don’t mind her playing Brother Bryn. Please ask her to roleplay him as a cross between Sarah Connor in Terminator II and a member of the Shining Path.

  6. Fine wth me Stefan, it would be nice to meet her. Can’t promise the reverse will be true though 🙂

  7. Looking forward to meeting Julie. Black or green tablecloth fellas?

  8. We will have eaten when we get there tonight. Already in finchley way to early so eating out.

  9. Green. No bla– Auuuuuuuugh!

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