The Elves of Tiri Kitor

No Russell this week, so Julie steps into the breach and takes on Doomsayer Brynn. Thanks Julie!

The party leave the blockade and head west inro the Blackfen marshes, hunting for the ruins of Rhest. After a few hours of wading through mud and rushes (and contemplating the merits of inflated otters as water-shoes) the party come across the half-melted remains of a giant owl. Tetsu moves ahead of the party, and gets himself ambushed by one of the razorfiend beasts first encountered near Elkridge. To avoid this ambush he races off further away from the party, and gets himself ambushed by a lizardfolk hunting party.

Things go badly for the SRaO at first. The party are split, there are enemies on all sides, and little lizardmen keep firing darts into Jerell’s buttocks. The greenspawn razorfiend is one tough customer, and Tetsu is down and being wailed upon by multiple lizardy foes.

The turning point comes when Thovar hurls himself into the mob of lizardmen thugs, enabling Tetsu so beat a retreat. Despite the party spending almost as much time trying to extricate themselves from mud as they do fighting enemies the fight begins to sway their way; after a marathon battle all their foes bar one escaped lizardman darter lie dead in the mud.

The battle has taken its toll; Tetsu is nursed back to conciousness, but it is clear that both he and Brynn are spent. A search of the area reveals an elven bow and around the owl’s foot a jade band. The foot is quickly sawn off and the band pocketed, just as a light of giant owls bearing grim-faced elves land to surround the party.

Negotiations do not go well. Diplomacy has never been Brick’s strong suit, and The elven hunt leader, Killiar Swiftarrow, comes within a whisker of having his men cut the party down. Jerell and Habbakuk are able to smooth things over somewhat, and Killiar orders the party to return with them to Tiri Kitor (which they duly do).

Tiri Kitor proves to be a large elven settlement deep in the Blackfens. The party are welcomed by the elven leader Sellryia Starsinger, and introduced to Trellara Nightshadow. The grieving Trellara turn out to be the sister of the elf slain in the marsh, and also sister to Silanis Nightshadow, one of the members of the Lions of Brindol.

The party are offered healing, rest and sustenance in the elven town, along with some information about Rhest and the surrounding are, but it is made clear that any assault on Rhest will need to be undertaken by the party alone. The elves’ first priority is the protection of their own.

And so, for the first time in a long time, the party get a full and restoring rest, and all rise to level 7!

4 Responses to “The Elves of Tiri Kitor”

  1. Richard Smith Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it this week and informed Carl at the last moment. I was undecided for a while but Rodings Rally over Saturday and Sunday and a test first thing Monday morning meant I had little time for proper revision.

    Anyway, sounds like it was another enjoyable evening and sounds like the SRaO lived up to their name. Should be able to join you next week.

  2. Both Julie and I had a really good evening, her assesment of the very first RPG experiance she had was: Very fun, could see the potential if you have your own character you have built and can relate to, very friendly and nice people (she can see why I want to go every Friday), Combat was slooow compared to online RPGs where everything can be resolved in a matter of seconds.

    For me, FINALY we were Stupid, Reckless and overwhelmed again…well actually it was only me :p

  3. Russell Bannister Says:

    I’m sorry I missed this game. Thanks for not killing my character. I am looking forward to the next session, snow permitting I should be able to make it.

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