Next Session: Friday December 10th

Hi folks, I’m afraid I can’t make it this week, so the next D&D sesion will be the following Friday if we can get enough folk together. If numbers are low (this time of year always gets busy) I may run a one-shot Icons game if folks are willing.

So, who can make the 10th?


12 Responses to “Next Session: Friday December 10th”

  1. Gut reaction is that I can make it…but lets see when we get closer :p

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    I should be free that evening and I would definitely like to come along, but whether I can make it will depend on the snow.

  3. Well, I should be able to come next week. Can’t think of anything to get in my way – no more tests coming up.

  4. Russell Bannister Says:

    Are we meeting this Friday? Not a problem either way but I need to know as my wife is quizzing me about whether I am going out or not.


  5. I can make it (snow permitting, but there isnt any planned)

  6. I can make it. I may be a little late as I’m getting involved in a little light pederasty with a guitar, some carols and a bunch of eight year old Cubs outside Waitrose for an hour or so in the ealy evening.

  7. Yup, we’re on for this Friday. Sean & Charlie may not be able to make it though, waiting to hear.

  8. Thanks for the responses. See you on Friday.

  9. Coombaya my lord Jules! :p

  10. I’m out again for this week. Picked myself up a chest infection from those lovely people on the tube or wherever. *sigh* Have a good night though.

  11. Sean and Chuck Says:


    Sorry we couldnt make it – Chuck went to his first “teen party” and I stayed in with the Mrs – alone with her for the first time in ages. Are we meeting on the 17th? is it too close to xmas? If not – maybe a xmas drink sometime?

    Also I have been peeking through the Deathwatch rules and went and bought the gm suppliment as well. Sometime after xmas would you guys be up for trying it out?

    I can tell you a bit more about it soon – its basically Dark heresy but in armour with bad ass weapons and really nasty baddies.

    I know Carl wants to be a Space Wolf? I can send another message with some options for you all?


  12. Everyone (Jules, Carl, Russel and myself) said merry Xmas to each other, as I dont think anyone expects to be able to make it the 17th. I have the christmas party at work there so wont be able to come at least.

    We tried Icons yesterday, and the simple rules system really works and really encourages you to play true to your character, and being part of creating the scenery…I very much liked it!

    Carl also talked about “getting there” with DMing the D&D game, and would like a break once we have completed this section. That could be a good time to play several things:
    (in no particular order)
    All flesh must be eaten
    Runequest with Jules as GM?
    Savage worlds with Russel as GM?
    D&D 4e Eberron
    Savage worlds MI5 with me as GM (needs a bit more work, but will have all of January for it)

    Maybe start an entirely new blog thread for this

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