The Expendables #1: This man… this Troll!

Lacking enough players for D&D we turned to the superhero game Icons as a filler.

The random character creation was very quick and fun, and we ended up with the skeletal Bonehag (Grandmother Death), the badly dubbed Lang Chong Chin (of the Ten Thousand Fists), and the 70s robo-dance machine 800M-80X.

The team were all supervillains on death row, and start the game being put to death only to awake trapped in the secret headquarters of the DOA (Deniable Operations and Assets). It seems they have a choice; work for this shadowy government agency, or have their heads blown off by their containment collars.

The team are sent into the field via experimental teleportation devices to subdue a supervillain known as the Troll. It turns out that the Troll is being attacked by another villain, the spider-like Recluse. The team wade in, first rescuing injured civilian shoppers by forcing them to dance out of a shop to Thriller, then battling the Troll in an underground station, with a train hurtling towards them.

Despite the Troll being almost completely invulnerable to their blows the Expendables acquit themselves well, using the oncoming train, some superior kung fu and the third rail to batter the monster unconscious.

They learn that the Recluse has been drugged into attacking the Troll by Lang Chong Chin’s arch-rival, the villainous Doctor Sin. Another gut-wrenching bang and the team are teleported back to DOA HQ.

As a light and funny filler this game had a lot going for it; the tagging and compelling of Qualities and Challenges for each hero forced players and DM to focus on the character quirks which added a lot to the fun. “Give Granny a Kiss!”, “Always With The Background Music” and “Endless Stances” all made me laugh.

One I’d be happy to run again if folks are up for it.

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