DeathWatch: Sir, yes sir!

An elite DeathWatch unit of space marines have been sent to assist with the quelling of a civil war on a small planet. They are Makradon Leonus, a Death Angel Devastator (Stefan), Alistair Mortold, a Storm Warden Tech marine (Charlie), Rameses SpeedNeedle, an Ultramarine Apocethary (Jules), Quintus Quintorum, a Tactical Ultramarine  (Richard), and Godfrid Greytooth, a Space Wolf Assault marine (Carl).

After a couple of weeks of ruthlessly crushing insurrectionists we are instructed to go after another group of power-armoured marines who had been tasked with taking out the general of the enemy force. Mysteriously all contact has been lost.

After some suitably squaddy banter we follow their last know vector straight into what the local insurgents call a “trap”, and what we Space Marines refer to as a “light warmup”. Having massacred the fanatical local yokels we head off to the general’s base, go in all guns blazing, hurl grenades about the place, blow up a tank and a whole bunch more grunts, and generally whoop it up. Then from out of the dust and smoke we spy massive shadowy forms approaching, to the chilling war chant:

“Iron within!”

“Iron without!”

Uh-oh, it’s a gang of Iron Warriors, those foul traitor chaos marines! Now things are going to get messy!

One Response to “DeathWatch: Sir, yes sir!”

  1. We are going to RIP them apart (*whimper* Im not quite sure) limb by limb and feed them to the dark gods they worship!


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