Next Session: Friday 14th January

More power-armoured slaughter is in the offing, 7.30 onwards at my place on Friday. Can everyone make it?

9 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 14th January”

  1. I will be there.
    Seeing as marines are supposed to be fit and healthy, I will probably go down to a lady sized pizza as well. My gut was in quite an oproar the day after. Slogans like: “Down with the man!” “Make war, not pizza!” “shit the bed!” was heard from down there.

  2. I can’t make it tomorrow sadly but Rameses Speedneedle is in fightin’ mood. If Russell can attend perhaps he’d like to assume command of the unruly corps.

  3. Chuck and I will be there!!!

    Need a hands up fopr total numbers though please

  4. /me looks at his hands…hmm: one…two.
    TWO hands! I got TWO hands sir!

  5. Russell Bannister Says:

    I should be able to make it. It sounds like I missed a fun session last week.

  6. Present and correct

  7. I am rapidly deteriorating…if this keeps up I wont e able to focus on getting in my car tonight and drive there. Will keep you updated but my 100% is rduced to 50/50.

  8. Present and correct sir!

    ETA for RVP is 1930.

    By the Emperor’s Will we shall succeed!

  9. I wont be able to make it…have been in bed most of today. Grrrr kill them chaos marines good for me please!

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