Next Session: Friday January 21st

Game on at my place, assuming folks can make it.

Apologies, didn’t get a chance for a session report from last time; suffice to say we’re neck deep in Xeno-poo, and I need to apologise to Stefan. If someone else has time to write the session up, I’ll post it…

11 Responses to “Next Session: Friday January 21st”

  1. HI,

    I was tempted to do a report but kept waiting to see if you were going to write one – my bad.

    Chuck and I will be there and so will my mate Alex – He is a bit of an RPG noob but Im sure will fit right in and he is really excited about it.

    You guys have a lot of choices to make first thing tomorrow so get thinking now. WHat will you do?

  2. Godfrid plans to lie semi-comatose, bleed a great deal, slip in and out of conciousness, and in rare moments of lucidity roar with crazed laughter over the shattered mess that used to be his face.

    Stefan, I suspect your character will be doing much the same thing, with a lot less laughing. And added sizzling.

  3. Can I ask how Speedneedle fared?

  4. Russell Bannister Says:

    Mr Speedneedle is fine. It would take more than a few grenades blowing up in his teeth to slow him down. He has single figures wounds but is moving under his own steam which is more than can be said for half the party.

    Unfortunately I can’t make it tonight as I am going to the hospital for a dose of some very expensive drugs this afternoon. I hope you manage to exfiltrate successfully, otherwise I guess I will have some company for character generation next week.

    I really enjoyed the game last week week. I hope we can play a few more sessions of this.

  5. Hi Guys,

    If you’ll have me I’d love to rejoin you all in D&D 2011 – Please do let me know when the next campaign starts so I can begin again on a fresh crusade with new characters.

    Love Jo xxx

  6. Hi guys,

    Would love to rejoin the D&D campaigns in 2011 (If you’ll have me!). Let me know when the new crusade starts so I can start again fresh with new characters and missions.

    Best wishes

    Jo xxx

  7. I’ll be up and raring to go tonight.

    Quintus remarkably avoided all damage in the previous session through a combination of the Emperor’s protection and some really horrible GM dice rolling. He has commandeered Makradon’s heavy bolter for use tonight and will be enforcing the might of the Space Marines upon the heathens.

  8. Ill be there for tonight…bleeding is one thing im good at! I can do it even without thinking.

    I might be slightly late, depending on traffic. If Im late its a “Large the works” for me please 🙂

  9. I’ll be there tonight too. I want to check how many teeth I have left.

    Now, to open up a can of xeno whupp-ass…

  10. jsut came home, leaving again immediately…it takes a minimum of 50 mins with no traffic and I wouldnt bank on that.

  11. Hi Jo, sorry, just spotted your posts stuck in “Pending”. Of course you’re welcome to come along, we’ve missed you! I’m off DMing for a bit so Sean is currently running the show with DeathWatch. After Sean it’s likely to be Stefan, Jules or Russell with either D&D, Runequest, Savage Worlds or something new. Come along to any and all!

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