DeathWatch: Man Down

Man, these Space Marines just don’t know when to quit. Despite being damned near dead Makradon and Godfrid stagger back to their feet. Godfrid takes to the air and spots another chaos marine approaching on a scout bike. And on his six, another Deathwatch assault marine (welcome Alex!). The warp-twisted biker (that’s B-I-K-E-R, Sean) soon falls to the new marine’s power axe, but not before Godfrid faceplants again.

Next the team make for a command bunker. Godfrid tries to kick in the door, but all those blows to the head seem to be taking their toll. As Makradon drily comments, “Man down.”

The team recon in force, and discover a marine-sized tunnel leading down. We move out, a little more cautiously this time. We hear movement ahead, and Alex displays some alarmingly competent tactical nous. Not to worry, he’ll learn.

We deploy, ready to ambush the enemy, but naturally get spotted. A few coarse insults soon have the Khorne marines racing up the stairs, and furious battle is joined. We fare a lot better this time, and by the end of the fracas we’ve managed not to lose anyone. Things are looking up.

3 Responses to “DeathWatch: Man Down”

  1. Great fun! Sign me up for next week.

  2. ‘Things are looking up’ seems a wonderfully optimistic philosophy to start next week – as long as we ignore that fact that 4 of us are in single figure wounds….

  3. Not a mention of Speedneedle’s expert leadership skills – nor his Battlefield Medicare of the highest quality? Tsk tsk!

    Didn’t Godfrid undertake a self-administered Nasalochtomy at one point with a pair of biros? An operation new to medical science I believe.

    Four of us on single wounds and we’re out of grenades. Next week could well be a real DeathWatch. Ours.

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