DeathWatch: Non Mission Capable

A belated session report for the January 14th session.

Our elite Deathwatch unit, surrounded by chaos marines and lowly enemy grunts, launch an all-out assault. Makradon turns the heavy bolter on the Terminator, softening him up sufficiently for his allies to finish the job. This proves to be a noble sacrifice; in focusing on the Terminator the calculating marine chooses to ignore the two Imperial Guard in close combat with him. Underestimating these two drooling fanatics proves to be near-fatal decision, as they pull out grenades and blow themselves and Makradon to chunky salsa. The quarterback is toast.

Elsewhere things are no less frenetic. One of the chaos marines takes cover behind the downed landspeeder, so Quintus drops a crack grenade in the fuel tank. Whoomp. Alistair (from Deathwatch tech support) proves no slouch in close combat. His servo arm stoves in skulls with impressive efficacy. The hostiles are getting the worst of it.

Predictably Godfrid gets up close and personal, planting a chainsword in one enemy skull, then charging another opponent at top jump pack speed. He rockets across the compound, his enemy impaled upon a chainsword and pumping bolter rounds into Godfrid’s head. Godfrid solves this problem by ramming into a wall at a couple of hundred miles an hour, crushing the chaos marine and flattening his own skull into the bargain.

The enemy lie fallen, but two of the Deathwatch unit are NMC. Then, from the distance, comes the unmistakable whine of an Astartes scout bike. We have more incoming.

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