Summoner Wars

With only four of us it was time to break out the boardgames. Charlie was keen to try Summoner Wars, which is always a winner, so he took Orcs, Sean went for the undead minions of Ret Tallus, Richard played the human Vanguards, and I went for the dwarves.

Charlie picked up the rules with alarming speed, and was soon knocking seven hells out of my poor dwarves. Richard hunkered down in a defensive posture, and pretty soon the bad guys were in a commanding position. A combination of shocking dice rolls and boneheaded tactical cockups on my part, paired with some expert play from Charlie had me under the cosh, and by the time the champions hit the board things were looking grim for Richard and I.

We staged several desperate counterattacks, and at one stage it seemed as if we had successfully weathered the evil onslaught. But Charlie always had one more trick up his sleeve, and after a slow start Ret Tallus just seemed to get stronger the longer the game continued. The end was inevitavle; the dwarves fell first closely followed by the humans.


One Response to “Summoner Wars”

  1. Ive never tried that game, really glad you had a good night even though the rest of us were absentees. I should be out of my backlog at work now and hopefully it wont build up over the next week but you never know with these things :/

    I hope we (inkluding me please) can continue deathwatch next week 🙂

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