Next session: Friday February 4th

Time for more mechanised marine mayhem, courtesy of Sean. My place, usual time; are we all in?

8 Responses to “Next session: Friday February 4th”

  1. Seeing as I said with aboslute certainty that I was going to come, and then was bereft of my playing time…I am going to try and trick fate this time:
    I am not sure if I can make it (wink wink), there might be even more work (not likely, now that ive tricked fate…Im so devious muohahahahahaa!) so a tentitive maybe from me.

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    It is a tenative yes from me also. No clever reverse psychology in my case. I am free tomorrow night and I really want to play this but there is a chance that my health may not be up to it. Probably I will only find out one meal before. Sorry to be unreliable.

    I am trying to read some WH 40000 fiction to get in the mood. Can anyone recommend any? I read “Storm of Iron” last week which (I think) was Sean’s suggestion.

  3. As much as I’d like to say I’m jumping on the bandwagon and saying it’s ‘likely I’m not coming’… I’m afraid it is likely I’m not coming. Working till 7pm as long as I don’t get caught on a long job towards the end of my shift and working again from 7am on Sat so I’m sitting this week out.
    Also won’t be around next week as I’m working till 8pm. Enjoy, don’t get Quintus killed…. *famous last words*

  4. So that’s 2 maybes and a maybe not. You suck!

    Let me add a fuckin’ aye to the list, and may I suggest that the remaining folks on the team be similarly unequivocal in their responses. Hup hup hup! Outside in threes! Drop and give me 20!

  5. HOORAY! My clever rouge worked! Take THAT fate /kick fate.

    Fuckin’ Aye I will be there tonight, even if we have to resort to boardgames 🙂

  6. I should be bthere…but I might not be.

  7. Stefan, I had no idea you wore clever rouge.

  8. Dude it Fuckin A not fuckin Aye – what are you from yorkshire now? We will be there. See you later

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