Deathwatch: Black Piglet 16

The marines press on into the underground complex, discovering a servitor operating a set of consoles. Alistair the tech marine interfaces with it, turning off the security systems and gathering some useful intel.

We move into a huge cavern and swiftly dispatch a team of Iron Warriors, before encountering the big bad (or so we think), Lord Malkerius, along with a gang of grunts and a huge cage. Much to Sean’s horror Makradon and his heavy bolter take the big guy down in a hail of hi ex, leaving one crazed grunt just barely able to get to the huge cage and release the bolt.

What steps out causes a number of grown space marines to pass out, upchuck in their helmets or squeal like little girls. Only Speedneedle’s bellowed commands keep the Makradon on his feet. It’s a Daemon Prince, beautifully painted but rather cross.

Things don’t start too well. Alistair just barely parries a blow that would have cut him in two. Quintus’ weapon jams, and Speedneedle’s fire seems to have no effect. Sigismund shoves a grenade into the corpse of Lord Malkerius, which unfortunately drops some sort of mystical dagger right at the monster’s feet. The bad guy picks up the blade and goes all purple-glowy: not a good sign.

We throw everything we have at the monster, but it effortlessly takes out Sigismund, and only sustained combined firepower eventually causes the creature to shimmer and vanish back to whatever hellish dimension spawned it. Phew, we’ve won. Oh, hang on…

The last remaining grunt, who turns out to be General Sikkarius, opens up Alistair from kettle to codpiece with a mono-edged blade. Speedneedle returns the favour by turning the General into pink puree. All bad guys down. Our entire team are only upright on adrenaline and orneriness. Just another day at the office.

We locate and recover the precious gene seeds of our fallen brethren, then it’s all back to base for cocoa and cock. Apparently. Mission accomplished!

4 Responses to “Deathwatch: Black Piglet 16”

  1. Great session, I look forward to more power armoured fun in the future. Did we come to a conclusion about what we were playing next?

    Savage Worlds?
    Star Frontiers?

    I am keen to run some more Savage Worlds but what does everyone else want to play?

  2. Agreed, an excellent session and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure overall. Thanks Sean, I’ll definately be up for playing this again. And I’m very glad that Godric didn’t die 🙂

    My vote for next session goes to Savage Worlds; I love that system. I’d be happy to continue the 30s pulp setting again as Doc Halliday, or try a pulp scifi outing (I’d quite like to play the ship’s trigger-happy security officer, or perhaps the ship’s malfunctioning maintenance droid).

  3. I would like to try and play Savage Worlds, have never tried the system, and the games you have had so far sounds really good fun.

    Alternatively what I can offer in the way of games to GM:
    -Eberron House Cannith Campaign (would probably revert to version 3.5 D&D as it fits better)
    -SLA industries. Dark future where you play bad ass police in powerarmor. (This is quite similar to what we have just played)
    -Silly near future Savage worlds.

  4. Great session all. One would never know that Sean was making it up as we went along. The highpoint for me was Sean’s crestfallen face when Lord Mak took an instant trip to the Other Side. Oh, and next time can we have a little less Barry White? As Russell said, something just not right about a closed room full of men late at night and Mr Loverman doing his thang on the stereo.

    My vote for next week is Savage Worlds. I’d like to try a new setting if possible and would be happy with sci-fi space-opera stuff if everyone else is cool with that. Would SV work well for a historical setting? Would be fun to do the Age Of Sail/Pirates of the Caribbean/Cortes and the Aztecs.

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