Next Session: Friday Febuary 11th

A new setting begins this week. Let’s have your votes for the setting you prefer. And Jo, this is a perfect time to hop back into the group!

26 Responses to “Next Session: Friday Febuary 11th”

  1. Mine goes for Savage Worlds. Either 30s pulp or Space Lanes (think Firefly).

    latest Space character concept; the ship’s gunner/ medic/ drug-dealer. Think I’ll build him just in case.

  2. Space Lane sounds fun, might have to see if I have a setting book from it. I could easily be pursuaded to play the blind ships navigator that operates via a pair of high tech specs that feeds tons of info directly to his brain (so a Navigator/spotter) when it is not feeding him sub space porn…

  3. Russell Bannister Says:

    I am happy to run either SW Daring Tales of Adventure, or Daring Tales of the Space Lanes. The former is the 1930’s pulp adventures you played before. The next episode is called “The Treasure of the Templars”.

    Daring Tales of the Space lanes is a series of adventures in a similar style set in a far future setting. The characters are the owners of a small cargo ship living hand to mouth on the fringes of the galaxy, taking whatever dubious work they need to to get by. The look and feel of the universe is an unbranded version of Star Wars without the grand plot, evil empire or psychic warlords. There will be no Gungans or Ewoks either, I promise.

    Carl and Stefan seem to prefer to play Daring Tales of the Space Lanes so I will prepare this for Friday. I will e-mail out the pre-gen characters. Please let me know if anyone doesn’t want to play this.

  4. In case we do go with Space lanes…

    I’ve built Sal Novak, the ship’s human “Doctor”. He’s smooth talking, handy with a blaster, and carries all manner of interesting pharmaceutical pick-me-ups for those in need in his medical bag. He’s wanted on 12 star-systems, no doubt due to his ties to the shadowy Sindicate crime gang.

    I built him to match the pregens in terms of stats, gear etc.

    I enjoy the setting, and enjoy creating the characters, so if i get a chance I’ll create some more characters so folks can choose between them and the existing pregens (which i didn’t much like to be honest).

    The “rules” for Space Lanes are a free pdf download, only a few pages long. You can find them here:

    Click to access TAG31024A.pdf

    The Pregens are here:

  5. I’m going to have to sit out again this Friday on account of work. Hoping to be back and ready to play from next week but I’ll have to hack time for it in my new rotas.

  6. Russell Bannister Says:


    Your character sounds as if he will fit right in with the adventure. If you get time to make some spare characters then that is great. I agree that the Pre-gens have weak themes / backgrounds, but mechanically I think they are fine. Please use them to get an idea of skill ranges (Rereading your post it sounds like you have done this already). I ran the adventure for my university group and they had characters with just a few very high skills each and it didn’t work so well.

    I suggest that the ships needs a:
    as it sounds like your character can do the Purser and Medic jobs. None are vital as I will replace them with NPCs (or more likely droids).

    I look forward to the game.

  7. Captain: Sam Cordona

    * Personality
    Captain Cordona is terse and tough-talking, but below the gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. Given his code of honour he is perhaps ill-suited to a life of crime, and his propensity to put doing the right thing ahead of turning a profit can sometimes put him at odds with his employers and his crew. Despite this he seems to effortlessly inspire trust and loyalty in those who work with him. Above all else he is driven to keep his ship, the Bottom Line, which is his pride and joy. He really doesn’t like hearing folk diss the Bottom Line.

    * Appearance
    Captain Cordona looks as tough as he talks. His hair is brown, close cropped and turning to grey. He is short, broad shouldered and has a face that has seen its fair share of brawls. A stogie is never far from his lips. He wears a long leather trenchcoat, and has a heavy blaster (which he calls Lila) slung low on his right thigh.

    * History
    Captain Cordona always dreamed of travelling the stars. He left Nova Prime at an early age, and has spent much of the last 30 years serving aboard one ship after another. For years he has saved every cred he’s earned to finally buy a ship of his own, and now he captains the Bottom Line. Unfortunately he still had to borrow a significant sum from Shandama Brotherhood to afford the vessel, and he is still paying off the loan.

  8. Security Officer and 2nd in command: Niles Craft

    * Personality
    Niles Craft is a snob, who looks down on pretty much everyone. He is aloof, arrogant, and convinced of his own superiority compared to the lowly riffraff he finds himself working with. He is also pedantic and exhibits signs of OCD. Despite being, in pretty much everyone’s eyes, a complete pain in the ass, the captain keeps him on the crew for the simple reason that he is damned good at his job. Craft has, amazingly, a healthy degree of respect for the captain.

    * Appearance
    Craft is short and slight. He stands very straight, often with hands behind his back. He is meticulous about his clothing and grooming, and looks entirely unthreatening. This belies his exceptional martial arts skills, augmented by the set of buzz-knucks he conceals beneath long sleeves.

    * History
    Craft was born into a wealthy military family, and his future as a top-flight officer in the Solon Imperium seemed assured. However he was never liked by his colleagues, and one of their cruel pranks accidentally led to a dishonourable discharge and estrangement from his family. To this day Craft will not talk of “The Sausage Incident”. Craft eventually pulled himself together, and now employs his considerable command, close combat and gunnery skills among the dregs of galactic society.

  9. Russell, Stefan, I’m struggling a bit to create a blind pilot based on the SW rules. Any ideas how to approach this mechanically?

  10. Russell Bannister Says:

    Carl, thiose characters are great, thanks for taking the time to make them.

    As to the blind pilot, it depends what you are planning in terms of theme. If he can see when he wears a visor or something (like that guy on Star Trek) then just give him a minor hinderance “Blind without glasses” and assume that he can see fine unless (for plot reasons) he doesn’t have them.
    I think it would be too restrictive for him to be fully blind as it would mean that he would have trouble participating in any scenes off the ship.

    You could give him psionics and assume that he has as one of his powers “psi-sense” which function as vision with some limitations (like inability to see colour). These limitiations would then be bought as hinderances.

    I will check out the rules tonight and see if I can come up with anything better.

  11. I have no problems with however it is done…if we dont have a psionic guy yet, I wouldnt mind going with that option! And yes ofc it was the guy from Startrek that was the inspiration, always loved that visor ๐Ÿ™‚
    Could you buy the visor as a wrist computer so that it can get programs incorporated?

    I seem to have lost my Savage Worlds book somewhere (I didnt lend it to any of you right?) so cant make him myself.

  12. Thanks guys, I’ll use the Bad Eyes hindrance, that will work. I’ll post more character biogs today/ tomorrow, and I’ve nearly finished the character sheets.

  13. Pilot/ navigator: Avery “Spex” Spitakis

    * Personality
    Spex is, first and foremost, a colossal pervert. He consumes staggering amounts of pornography using specially constructed goggles that beam digital data directly to his brain. This is helpful, as without them Spex is completely blind. The saying must be true. This doesn’t seem to bother him too much; as long as he is jacked into a ship’s nav comp, a data port or a porn data stream he’s a happy man.

    * Appearance
    Spex is bald, overweight and prone to sweat heavily. He wears a filthy orange flight suit, a brown leather pilot’s cap and a large pair of hi-tech goggles. He has a blaster at one hip, and usually carries a stun baton on his belt.

    * History
    Spex was born of lowly space-bum stock, growing up amongst the docking ports and machine shops of the Tantalus Sprawl. He went blind in his early teens, but compensated by using Omni-Goggles, which provided him a live digital feed and allowed him to jack directly into computers. His natural talent as a pilot and his lack of moral fibre soon meant he was in demand as a runner for smuggling ships. Work aboard the Bottom Line has been the closest thing to a proper job Spex has ever had. He just wishes it paid better; all those premium rate digi-feeds get pretty expensive.

  14. Carl you are a genious! Spex is brilliant, and just what I wanted ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hmmm we could use the ships mechanic still. I always quite liked the idea behind the mechanic in Firefly, maybe take that to the extreme and make it a little girl instead?

    Or we could let it be a gamling chain smoking/drinking hustler?

  16. Engineer: Mnabis Chell

    * Personality
    Mnabis is a Munabi, a stranger in a strange land. He understands little of the customs of these strange humans, and although he does his best to fit in it is often painfully obvious just how different he is. His species communicate telepathically as much as verbally; he has learned human speech, after a fashion, but their minds are too alien for him. However he is able to crudely influence them, boosting or hindering the perceptions of those around him. He is desperate to return home, but also strangely attracted by these savage, conflicted human creatures, whom he finds entirely fascinating.

    * Appearance
    Mnamis is a 7 foot tall skinny blue alien, with 3-fingered hands, large segmented eyes and antennae. He turns pale blue when angry or scared, and a deep Prussian blue when happy or excited. His ship’s fatigues, donned for reasons of local decency, are ill-fitting and tatty. He wears a well-equipped tool belt and carries various bits of equipment in numerous pockets.

    * History
    Mnamis was a pod leader on a scientific excursion. His pod was accidentally sucked into an E-R Bridge and deposited in a distant unexplored sector of space. The pod was damaged beyond repair, and his pod-mates killed. It was only blind luck that saved Mnamis; a passing cargo ship, the Bottom Line, rescued him and nursed him back to health. It was not long before they discovered his aptitude for technology (this human technology is ludicrously primitive), and took him on as ship’s engineer. His mental powers have proved their value in a fight more than once also.

  17. Russell Bannister Says:

    Fantastic set of characters. If anyone has a preference then feel free to bagsy them now.

    I’ll put Stefan down for Spex.

  18. Medic: Sal Novak

    * Personality
    Sal Novak has the devil’s grin and morals to match. He’ll rob you blind, then persuade you he’s your best friend and rob you blind again. He’s a charmer, and even when you know what he’s like it’s still hard to hate him. He’ll take any opportunity he can get and work it to his financial advantage, smiling all the while.

    * Appearance
    Novak has classic good looks; smouldering blue eyes, square lightly-stubbled jaw, gleaming white teeth and a mane of tawny hair. He makes any outfit look good, and he knows just how to work the room. Naturally the ladies fall for his looks and gentlemanly patter in their droves.

    * History
    Novak has had a long and chequered history of heists, cons, scams, double-crosses and rip-offs. His latest ruse is to disguise himself as a ship’s doctor in order to peddle drugs. The only downside is that he has to perform actual medical duties to maintain the persona, but that’s OK, he’s a quick learner. Just as long as the Sindicate don’t catch up with him, everything’s golden.

  19. Maintenance bot: Q-BRT-03 (Bert or q-Bert)

    * Personality
    Like many of the entry-level Series 3 models, Q-Bert has defective peronality circuits. Q-Bert is unpredictable, and you’re never quite sure if he’ll obey a command, tell you to go screw yourself or beat you to death with a frying pan. As a result the crew tend to leave him in the galley and lower their voices whenever he’s near.

    * Appearance
    Q-Bert is scratched, dented and obsolete, with โ€œKick Meโ€ painted across his back. He’s in bad need of a fresh paint job, but even that would not disguise the fact that this is a pretty sorry excuse for a bot.

    * History
    Nobody aboard the Bottom Line has ever bothered to find out about Q-Bert’s prior life. Captain Cordona found him on a derelict freighter, had Mnamis reactivate him, and has left him to his maintenance duties ever since. The rest of the crew have a sweepstake running on who the bot will murder in their bed first.

  20. Novak is mine, He’s basically Sawyer from Lost, but worse. I see Q-Bert as an NPC (ship’s chef), and spare character in case we get high numbers.

    Can’t wait!

  21. oh, by the way…We are playing at Carls tonight right?

  22. Sean and Chuck Says:

    Ok I jsut had a chance to glance through this and it sounds great – We are looking forward to playing (even though I feel like hell with the cold I am currently fighting).

    Whats the situation with Characters? I have an Idea for one (personality wise anyway) Are th ones listed jsut there for ideas or do we have to pick one of them?

    Should I invite Alex?

  23. Yes we’re playing at mine.

    The characters listed have been worked up into character sheets. You’re welcome to pick one of them or create your own as long as it means the various crew roles are all filled.

    Alex is ertainly welcome if that is cool with the DM.

  24. If Alex would like to come along it is fine by me.

    If you want to build your own character that is no problem. Please make him 20 x.p. Most of the action takes place off the starship but I echo what Carl said about chosing a crew role that isn’t already taken.

    Carl has the doctor / purser
    Stefan has the pilot

    We need a gunner and engineer. The ship should have a security officer and a captain (combined with any of the other roles if desired).

    I am not flattering myself that I am going to get five players on a regular basis but when the player isn’t there their character will be off camera.

  25. Sean and Chuck Says:


    Alex jsut called and cant make it but its cool cause Im gonna play 40k with him next week.

    I havent had the time to sort out making characters for Chuck and I – The dea I had was more for personality and background rather thna being a particular class – but he would probably be human.

    I will ask Chuck what his druthers is – can we make characters when we get there?

    Really excited about this!

  26. I am as usual going to be a bit late, but I dont want pizza tonight as ive already eaten, so go ahead and order without me.

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