Next Session: Friday 18th February

More tales of the space lanes are in the offing assuming Russell is available. Let’s have a show of hands please.

10 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 18th February”

  1. I have come home early from work with a “sniffle”. I will have to assess tomorrow.

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    I should be able to make it. I am keen to run the next episode.

  3. Sean and Chuck Says:

    Hi Guys, Im probably going to skip out on tonight. I have had this cold now for almost 3 weeks and its just getting worse. I am shattered and its probably wisest to just have a quiet night in.

    Should be up for next week and I will keep you posted if I make a miraculous recovery by tonight.

    Have fun without us – happy gaming 🙂

  4. Russell Bannister Says:

    Well it isn’t looking optimistic for tonight. Are we on? To keep things moving I will run if there are two players.

  5. Perhaps we should cancel, I have an office move tonight which may overrun.

  6. Russell Bannister Says:

    No problem. Today is a little difficult for me as well as I have an appointment in the late afternoon in Central London.

    I’ll assume we are cancelled this week unless I hear otherwise. Hopefully the George Lucas plagiarising fun will resume next week.

  7. Curses, looks like a cancel, was looking forward to it =(. Should be able to make next week though – although not the week after if I can remember my rota correctly.

  8. I wont be coming tonight, eyes are red and swollen with the cold, so dont trust myself driving.

    I cant do next week either as its Julies Birthday, so have a good couple of weeks 🙂

  9. Russell Bannister Says:

    Are we on for RP this Friday? Sorry to hassle you but my wife is asking if I am going out.

  10. I wont be making it, as its Julies Bday and we are going to the in-laws-to-be 🙂

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