A Chinese Ghost Story

No RP this time, so we descended upon Jules armed with board games. After a fantastic game of 1300 Card Pickup (I still think I won) we decided upon a favourite game of Stefan’s, Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game where each player is a taoist warrior intent upon defeating the evil Wu-Feng and his never-ending army of ghosts, ghouls and spirit monsters. I’d read good things about the game and I wasn’t disappointed: the game was tense, exciting and fun, with a great theme and interesting choices. We played on medium difficulty, and I think we got quite lucky with the way the cards fell; we beat the game without too much trouble. I can see how it could go the other way though, and the expansion looks like it just adds to the troubles. Highly recommended, and one I’d love to play again with the group. You can read more about it here.

One Response to “A Chinese Ghost Story”

  1. OK, I admit to the OCD, I couldn’t help it, I had to go to BGG and check how many cards there were in the three sets. Although actually it should have been 1320 with the Envoy and Black Market cards. And then the dividers…

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