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Next Session Friday 18th March

Posted in General on March 16, 2011 by Carl

No Stefan. No Russell. No Richard. Who’s in? What are we playing? Anyone up for the challenge of a oneshot RP session? Sean, Zombies? Jules, psuedo-biblical shenaningans? Charlie, how about some 40k themed inaugral DMing? Or do we fancy more board gaming? I can recommend a few. Whatever we do, let’s get together, drink beer and play games.


Dr Pandemic

Posted in Session Reports: Other on March 16, 2011 by Carl

Reduced to a lowly three, it was time for Sean, Charlie and I to break out Pandemic. The combined might of the World Health Organisation could take on a few piddling disease outbreaks right? Well, no.

Having been handed a solid beating by the game we then tried again, this time using the patented Dr who retheme. Where we had failed to fight off the black death and scarlet fever, surely Daleks and Cybermen would prove easier adverseries. No such luck, we took a tonking the second time too.