Next Session Friday 18th March

No Stefan. No Russell. No Richard. Who’s in? What are we playing? Anyone up for the challenge of a oneshot RP session? Sean, Zombies? Jules, psuedo-biblical shenaningans? Charlie, how about some 40k themed inaugral DMing? Or do we fancy more board gaming? I can recommend a few. Whatever we do, let’s get together, drink beer and play games.

6 Responses to “Next Session Friday 18th March”

  1. Ok hmmm. I can run something – or should I say make soemthing up off the top of my head – if that is the overall vote. I could do a AFMBE zombies thingy. I could ask Alex if he wants to come along? I also have another friend – Martin, hes a cop. Really nice guy who has never played RPG’s – but is a big table top gamer. Any problems with me asking either or both? Just to make up numbers? I will ask Chuck what he wants to play and post again.



  3. Unless there is some sort of book related disaster in the next 11hours I should be there this evening. See you later. xxx (Am assuming it’s at Carl’s?)

  4. Yup, my place.

  5. I’ll be there but a touch later than normal. Save a chunk of human flesh for me…

  6. What did you get up to, and what are we going to do this week? šŸ™‚ I have nothing planned fo Friday so I should be able to make it to Finchley. Hooray!

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