Next Session: Friday March 25th

After Sean’s masterful zombie one-shot last week, who fancies taking on the DMing reigns? My place for the usual time, who’s in and who wants to play what?

17 Responses to “Next Session: Friday March 25th”

  1. Im in, up for anything!

    I can run the following:
    SLA industries (using Savage Worlds):
    1 in 100.000 has what it takes to qualify for the admision tests, 1 in 1.000 pass the test for getting to train as a SLA Operative. 90% of all SLA ops die within then first week.
    You are so lucky to be playing Operatives on their first asignment…will you do better than the rest?

    (futuristic capitalistic game in the World of Progress, with funky races and a sinister world)

    Eberon D&D, now in Savage Worlds
    The Eberron Ive run before, but converted to Savage worlds, with more emphasis on the story and less on combat.

  2. Richard Smith Says:

    Again, I’m out for this week as well – will be back for three weeks after this Friday

  3. Hmm any YAYs NAYs or alternatives to me GMing? Kind of need to know how much/little I need to prepare for Friday :p

  4. Eberon Savage Worlds sounds like fun to me. Would you provide pregens? Or should we create some characters using the core rulebook?

  5. For Eberon Savage worlds I would convert your last characters, and we could quickly makes some new ones up for charlie and whoever didnt like their precious ones.

    Ive got a few extra additions like dragonmarks and proffesional edges, and changes to magic so give me a poke if this is what we decide to play and you want to make chars before hand. We might want to just spend ½ hour -1 hour making/converting the characters as it is so deliciously easy in SW.

  6. precious being previous by the way :p

  7. Hi Guys, All being well I’m in for this friday. Xxx
    P.s. I feel I should confess that I only understood half of the previous comments from everyone regarding game choice. … Not that that matters as I play all my characters exactly the same anyway but thinking about it I really should pay more attention to detail! Sorry X

  8. I have had a 3rd idea for a scenario, a silly 1 shot thing in the Icons game system.

    I will prepare for all 3, and bring what I need. We can decide on the evening what to play, or if we want to play something that someone else brings along 🙂

  9. If we go Eberon I want to ditch my old character and play this guy. I’ve no idea if there’s a crassly stereotyped Spain analogue in Eberon, but if there is that’s where he’s from. These days he’s tending to fat, is rather too partial to red wine, and has pretty much descended to the role of sword for hire, despite his aristocratic background. He even knows the Montfidgets, he’s that posh (his aunt is married to one).

    Saludo, I am Corto DiCosta, once the finest blademaster in (mumblemumble), bodyguard and fencing instructor extraordinaire to the Princes Royal Eduardo and Philippe.

    Sapristi! With the foil, the rapier, the dagger, there was none who could stand against Corto DiCosta!

    Alas, mis amigos, the king’s enemies they were many. One night they came. and though I fought like the tiger even I was overcome. To my shame I lived, and the two boys, they died.

    I left my home and my family, vowing never to return until I had found those criminales, and had challenged them to a duel.

    Alas, mis amigos. Over the years I have found many criminales and fought many duels. But never have I found the men who came that night, and who robbed me of my honour.

  10. “I left my home and my family, vowing never to return until I had found those criminales, and had challenged them to a duel.”
    Alas my homeland is now destroyed, gone forever *theatrical sob* and who knows about my family…oh woe to the beautiful lands of Cyre.

    That will work, I already know who the culprits are and what has happened to your family 🙂
    We need to get you to tie in with house Cannith somehow

  11. Aah, sweet Cyre, purple jewel of Galifar, how I mourn thee!

    Though not blessed with the dragonmark my family has long been associated with House Cannith, as have most of my social echelon. It was only natural after the Mourning that I turn to my fellow bereaved for support and aid.

    My skills with the Cyre foil and dagger style are supremo, and so House Cannith they find much use for one such as I. Sapristi!

  12. BTW Stefan, are you still playing the Death Angel card game a lot? If not could I borrow it sometime? I’d like to see if it’s something I should buy.

  13. I dont own it, only played it at others 🙂

    Sean and Charlie, if we are playing Eberon we need to make you some chars. You didnt seem very into your last char Sean so think it would be better if you made one you like yourself on the evening, but you can think of some ideas 🙂

  14. I’m going to bail on this evening I think. Kathrynne is out and I’ve got stuff over here I need to be getting on with. Also, I’ve had no time to think about a character – altho’ Obstacle the warforged was fun to play last time (Did you know that I need neither food nor drink and I never sleep?) – and I’ll probably keep him if he can be slotted into the campaign. If I get the time, I’ll convert him to SW and send across the results.

    Carl – Corto DiCosta puts me in mind of Puss from Shrek. Are you voiced by Antonio Banderas? “Feed me, if you dare!”

  15. I actually have converted all of the old characters to basic chars with no XP. I used the Robot rules from Space Lanes to make you into a warforged. Ive also made some magic items, though Ive toned down in the Eberon how easily accesable permanent magic items are (but introduced more temp ones to the world).

    Just to underline, I am still going to bring SLA and “We came from Mars” as well as Eberon so that we can decide what we want to do tonight 🙂

  16. Argh

    I really need to check this more often.

    First off Martin is coming again tonight. Secondly I am not fussed abotu Characters – Nor do I think Chuck or Martin will be. Thirdly, if I was fussed I just donr have the time to sort it out now. Got lots on today. Fourthly… um I dont have a fourthly but just wanted to say fourthly…

    can we just wing it tonight?

  17. aye I am all up for winging it, and good to kow we got ourselves a spare Jules 🙂

    I will try and see if I can get there a little bit earlier than I usually am, but lets see what traffic and trainlines have to say about that

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