Next Session: Friday 8th April

I’m afraid work is going to claim me again this week. I’m in all Friday night, and probably Saturday too 😦

Doesn’t stop you guys though. Jules, can you host? Who wants to run something?

12 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 8th April”

  1. Im at work as well this Friday… albeit at a work party 🙂

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    I’m out too unfortunately as I am Live Roleplaying. There may be cloaks and iceblasts involved.

  3. Thats 3 down – fireblast! fireblast! fireblast!

  4. I’m out – I’ve got a concert tomorrow so can’t sit up all night with you shit-ticklers.

    Has LARPing moved on from foam swords and red poster-paint? I remember reading something that described a LARP weekend in which all the participants had roles to act out and objectives to meet – rather like a play – and it all took place in a few rooms. No hitting with foam swords, all chat and roleplaying. Which is your type Russell?

  5. Well I guess that seals it – we are not playing tonight. No worries.

  6. Russell Bannister Says:


    I am not a regular LARPer, having used a foam sword twice in the last 15 years, and so neither type of LARPing is “my” type. However in answer to your question I am going to the old type of LARP with foam weapons, face paint and cloaks made out of old curtains. I intend to take my frustrations out on some unemployables in goblin masks.

  7. Are we sure Foam Sword isn’t some euphemism for something much more horrid?

    Anyway, it sounds like good fun. Let us know how it goes.

  8. Richard Smith Says:

    Sorry it’s late to say this but I would have been in if we were running tonight. Been out enjoying the weather this week and kinda forgot to check the website here!

  9. Russell Bannister Says:


    Nice one, centurion.

    I purposely said foam sword rather than latex hammer to prevent confusion.

  10. The hammer is my penis.

  11. How did it go? (The LARPing that is).

  12. Russell Bannister Says:

    The LARPing was fine, I got to run about in a cave, wearing a cloak and roleplaying in a load voice. I could hardly speak on Sunday. The low level priest character I was playing was quite fragile so there was more hiding at the back of the party than fighting but some was necessary as I learnt that marching orders are fine on a battle-map but don’t work in practice.

    Some of the other players took it VERY seriously (there were some amazing costumes) but it was still fun to play as a beginner, and I enjoyed it more than I expected to.

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