Next Session: Friday April 15th

After 2 weeks off I’m in bad need of some gaming goodness. Who’s up for what? Any takers for DM duty? Any interest in trying the Wrath of Ashardalon board game? Or something else?

My place, usual time.

17 Responses to “Next Session: Friday April 15th”

  1. Playing with you lot has made me more juvenile – I read that game Carl mentioned as Wrath of Ass-Hardon. And now I am even making bad jokes about it.

    Yes Gaming is much needed – Chuck and I are in

  2. Russell Bannister Says:

    I should be able to make it, I will confirm tomorrow.

    I’m happy to give Wrath of Ashardalon a try as long as I don’t have to play the Dragonborn. No Ass-hardon for me though, thank you.

  3. Im in this week as well. Up for anything, including board games.

    Can GM Savage SLA industries, but dont think Carl was keen on that 🙂
    Not really in the mood for GMing the D&D Eberron, but can do it if preasured.

  4. Not sure yet if I can make friday (sounds like it might be a bit of a full house anyway if everyone is gaming).

    In totally unrelated news … below is link (mainly for Sean & Chuck) of one of the greatest ever horror death scenes … (check out the tongue action!)
    I now expect all d&d deaths to be of this calibre (or to be committed by giant disneysque smiling flying tanks fueled by childrens remains).

  5. I just read a review of Wrath…its sounds good! Im up for that. How many players does it support?

  6. Russell Bannister Says:

    Sorry to be an a rse. I am not going to be able to make it on Friday as I have been told I will be too busy building furniture.

  7. All this talk of asses and arses. I’m in. I’ll see you there. Don’t care what we play. Just watched a review of WoA and it looks kinda fun. It supports only 5 players though…

  8. I have several games that support more than 5 if we get that many, so no worries however many turn up.


    2 weeks of holiday start tomorrow…

  9. I have things that belong to you all:

    Jo – Dr Horrible DVD
    Stefan – Qi token from game with Wu-Feng…
    Richard – 12 sided die

    I shall bring them before children lose them for good.

  10. Is Richard Coming?

  11. Sorry Sean. When you coated yourself in goose fat and slipped into the gimp suit, you left your dignity on the floor. On the plus side, the memories from 72 hours of non-stop amphetamine-fuelled sexual experimentation should make up for lost dignity in some way.

  12. LOL!
    I am reading this blog at work, I am not sure how long it will escape the keen eye of the filters at this rate 🙂
    I might be arriving without eyes tonight, as I will have to burn out that extremely disturbing mental image that Jules has just painted :p

  13. Richard Smith Says:

    Firstly, many apologies for not being in contact this week.

    Things have been particularly busy, over time each day drew my work into 14 hour days as well as managing a few other problems kept me away from my computer all week. Hope you all had a good night however and again, apologies for not being on and letting you know I wasn’t coming.

    Secondly, my weekend work starts this week so I’m definitely out for the next three weeks.

    Sean, I am still interested in those Tau you have – I’ll send you my rota if you still want to have a game (although advance apologies for most of them lacking paint).

    Regards to all.

  14. Looks like everyone wants to play Warhammer. Should we give this a go?

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