Next Session: ???

No session this Friday, and next Friday might be out too.

I’m thinking of showing my face at Finchley Games Club this Thursday for some board gaming though. I’ll probably take along Wrath of Ashardalon, LotR the card game (came out and bought today), Summoner Wars and The Resistance (another purchase today). It’d be good to see you folks there if you can make it.

2 Responses to “Next Session: ???”

  1. I will be very drunk at a work do, so wont be able to make either Thursday nor Friday this week.

    The week after is the royal wedding which I* of course wouldnt miss for the world! So wont be able to make that either 🙂

    *I meaning We….and We meaning Julie :p

  2. We are now the 3rd on the list when you google “stupid reckless”, and is one of the suggestions…we are THAT stupid 🙂

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