Next Session: Friday April 29th

Apologies for the very late notice folks, but tonight’s games session is ON. Anyone who can drag themselves away from endless reruns of Jemima Puddleduck’s dress come on over to mine for 7.30.

3 Responses to “Next Session: Friday April 29th”

  1. What might we play?

  2. Wrath of Ass-hardon and LotRtCG as it turned out. Jules, Sean and Charlie, what was your verdict on each?

  3. I thought both were very good actually – even if I was a little tetchy about LoTR. Ass Hard played very smoothly and the AI worked surprisingly well. We nearly got swamped at one stage and it made a change to have to run away rather than go toe-to-toe with the critters. The relatively low number of HP makes a difference to encounters. It maybe would have been nice to have some sort of distinctive baddie at the end rather than more of the same we’d been fighting but this is a minor quibble. I would happily play this again and think the game would repay repeated use.

    Initially I got a pissed off with LoTR as there seemed lots of fiddly detail and I couldn’t see all the cards and what they all did. I’m not sure I played my healer deck appropriately as most of the time I used them to offset the threat level of the encounter. Grumbles aside I thought it improved as it went on. Each player had one really potent Hero that seemed to be instrumental to our success. The whole Combat Machine incident was quite funny in retrospect. In terms of gameplay the slightly complex round with different phases seemed a little unecessary and I wasn’t always sure if we were acting in the right order – that could have been the booze. The game mechanics of threat, combat value and progress tokens worked well to my mind. A big deck of allies is something of a must otherwise combat becomes deadly.

    I’d play again but I’d make sure my head was clearer and I was less tired.

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