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No Song for Dying

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on May 29, 2011 by Carl

The party is split. Never a good start. Brick and Tetsu are stuck at the lakeside surrounded by lizardfolk. Bryn and Apocalypsia are minding the boats, and Thovar is sinking into the lake.

Thovar struggles to the surface and strikes out towards the half-submerged building, but Jerell and Habbakuk have already got found trouble, in the shape of an 8 foot tall troll named Zollo. With a taste for bard flesh.

Fortunately Apocalypsia (in Sean’s safe hands) has grown weary of Doomsayer Bryn’s endless prattle, and heads off to see if she can find any bodies to loot. She joins the fray, but so too does a hobgoblin mindbender named Nurklenak.

Things are desperate; Nurklenak turns Habbakuk into his mind puppet, filling allies with arrows, then making him jump into the lake. Jerell has been grabbed by the troll, who is chewing cheerily on the bard’s head. All Jerell’s silver-tongued cajoling jail to sway the beast. With a great bite he tearss open Jerell’s neck and  face, then drops the dying bard as Apocalypsia blasts him full in the face with hellfire. Thovar bursts in and brings some much-needed cutting edge to the attack.

But it is too little too late. Apocalypsia goes down, hovering between life and death. And as the remaining combatants desperately try to take down their foes, the last of Jerell Sorn’s lifeblood drains away.

R.I.P. Jerell Sorn

The DM’s name is mud, if mud was a four letter word starting with ‘C’.

Everyone ise stunned; the aura on invicibility that surrounded the SRaO has been punctured, and the party are still fighting for their lives.

Apocalysia comes groggily back to her senses, seeing the troll finally fall. Nurklenak turns to call for reinforcements, only for Thovar’s axe to remove his head from his shoulders.

But gurads are on their way; two boatloads of hobgoblins approach, and the sound of lizardfolk drums reverberate around the lake. Rafts laden with the reptiles converge, but at their head stands their new Godking; Brick the Dragonslayer. And his sidekick Tetsu.

The hobgoblins are soon dragged to a watery doom, leaving the party to contemplate the loss of their trusted ally and friend, Jerell. Well, most of them contemplate. Apocalypsia loots his bloody corpse.

A great deal of treasure is found, and amongst it the Phylactery of an ally of the Red Hand, a lich known as the Ghostlord.


Next Session Friday 27th May

Posted in General on May 26, 2011 by Carl

I have done zero preparation for Friday (I’ve been too busy celebrating getting a new job!), so things may be a bit rough around the edges. Regardless, if we have the numbers I’m up for running the Red Hand of Doom again. Who’s in?

No gaming at mine this week

Posted in General on May 18, 2011 by Carl

I’m afraid I can’t make it this week folks, I have a staff leaving do I need to attend.

Anyone else up for hosting a session of something?

Rain of Steel

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on May 14, 2011 by Carl

The heavens open. As the party set out across the lake the thunderstorm breaks, rain hammering down on their tent-covered boats and reminding them of every camping holiday they ever went on when they were little. All except Brick; this thunderstorm seems to be giving him a trouser tent.

With visibility reduced to only a score of feet the party are able to approach the largest semi-submerged structure undetected. Apocalysia and Brynn hang back to, um, mind the boats. Yes, that’s it. Very important job, minding the boats.

Creeping around the crudely constructed boardwalk that surrounds the building the party  stumble across a gang of ogres. The ensuing battle is fierce and furious, but the party pull out all the stops and unleash hell upon their enemies. The ogres turn in panic to call for reinforcements, but the party are ruthless, cutting the beasts down before they get the chance.

At this point the party could take a brief pause, gather their strength, consider their next move carefully. But their blood is up. The adrenaline is pumping. Are they not Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed? Sure they are! Screw resting, let’s press on, straight into the next battle!

Wyrmlord Saarvith

From a vantage point on the roof they spy a goblin working at his taxidermy desk in the room below, and fill him full of arrows. The goblin, the Wyrmlord Saarvith,  turns, grabs his bow, fires up at Habbakuk and dives into the a large pool of water spitting curses all the way.

Convinced that the pool is really an extra-dimensional portal Thovar jumps in after him. As he sinks like a stone into the cold dark waters two things quickly become apparent to the heavily armoured dwarf. Firstly, this is no portal. And secondly, there is something very large, moving upwards very fast.

This “something” proves to be Regiarix, a large black dragon and companion of Saarvith. The goblin hangs from the dragon’s claws, bow at the ready, only to take another arrow from Habbakuk. The Wyrmlord is dead!

Unfortunately Regiarix is not, and the dragon proves a formidable foe. Spewing acid, raking claws and globes of darkness send the party scrambling for cover, but Brick is in his element. Bellowing the praises of Kord over the deafening crashes of thunder he snares the dragon with a grappling hook, and is pulled up 50 feet into the air.  Unperturbed Brick climbs until he can lash himself to the dragon’s foreleg.

With a scream of rage Regiarix plunges back into his pool and spews acid at Brick, but he cannot shake the warrior loose. And Tetsu dives in and grabs on. Now Regiarix feels a curious compulsion to swim to the surface, a compulsion planted in his mind by Jerell. Thovar (teleported from the depths by Jerell) leaps onto the dragon’s back, Habbakuk peppers him with arrows and Regiarix sees which way this is going. He flees, shaking off the dwarf but incapable of dislodging Brick and Tetsu.

As Regiarix flies across the lake towards his lizardmen subjects Brick swings up onto the monster’s shoulders and decapitates it. Lightning flashes, thunder roars, and Brick bellows in victory as the dragon’s body crashes into the lake.

The warriors emerge from the water, the two of them facing a full camp of twenty heavily armed, slack-jawed lizardmen who have just witnessed deicide. Bothered? No.

Stupid. Reckless. Overwhelmed.

Next Session: Friday May 13th

Posted in General on May 13, 2011 by Carl

We are good to go for this evening. Russell can’t make it, can everyone else?

Swamp Things

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on May 7, 2011 by Carl

Our heroes are woken by elves at sunrise with news; there is to be a funeral ceremony for the fallen Silanis Nightshadow, and Apocalypsia has miraculously arrived to join the party once more. Thankfully there are no awkward questions as to how she managed to track the party over 200 miles.

The elves invite the party to join them in the solemn occasion. Jerell’s song and Doomsayer Brynn’s speech don’t go down particularly well, but Trellara swallows Apocalypsia’s grade-A bullshit  “sympathy” and asks for seconds.

The party set out for Rhest in two row-boats, and soon arrive at the half-submerged ruins of the town which lies at the centre of a lake. By now it is sweltering and muggy. In an uncharacteristically cautious move the party decide to spend some time observing their target, and realise that although hobgoblins seem to have made some of the semi-submerged buildings  their base, the large lake is circled by several lizardman camps.

The party decide to employ diplomacy; perhaps they can persuade the lizardfolks to join them in the battle against the hobgoblins. They approach the nearest lizardman tents and, naturally, slaughter the occupants to a lizard. Habbakuk and Thovar very nearly become crocodile dinner, but the party survive only to realise that they have forgotten to sway the lizardfolk to their side.

They try again, determined to employ more diplomatic methods this time. Brynn approaches the second camp, and speaks Common loudly and clearly to the savage beastmen.  Inevitably the lizardmen are wiped out once again, although this time the party have the presence of mind to take a prisoner.

This marsh mystic witters on endlessly about the “Winged Master”, and seems quite a cooperative (and stupid) captive. Sadly the party decide to kill him before asking things like “Where does the winged master live? What allies does he have? How many of them are there? Where do they reside? What defences are in place? Where are they most vulnerable?” and so on. Never mind, I’m sure it will all work out fine.

The party toy with hollowing out the giant crocodile to approach the sunken buildings undetected, but in the end decide to go with elven row-boats hidden under lizardman tents. It’s a good thing the storm that has been brewing all day looks about to break.

Next Session: Friday May 6th

Posted in General on May 2, 2011 by Carl

Who can make it to my place on Friday? All things being equal I’ll be running (wait for it) the next chapter of Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed.

It’s been 6 months since we last played, so if you need a refresher on the last session, take a look here.

If you need a refresher on the whole campaign it goes something like this:

  • The party investigate the Keep on the Shadowfell, where they kill a Deathpriest of Orcus called Kalarel.
  • They find a note from a Wyrmlord Koth based in Vraath Keep, and decide to investigate.
  • En route they come across a crumbling remnant of the Arkhosian Empire, a hatchery for Greenspawn Razorwings, and mention of a goblin named Saarvith.
  • The party travel to Vraath Keep, find (and lose) Wyrmlord Koth, and uncover evidence of an imminent invasion.
  • The party scout north and see evidence of a vast goblinoid army amassing. They retreat, destroying a key bridge behind them to delay the enemy, and persuade the inhabitants of towns in the invasion force’s path to flee to the walled protection of the local capital, Brindol.
  • The party decide to investigate a reference to Saarvith they have spotted on map recovered from Vraath Keep. They survive a lizardman ambush and elven hospitality, and are now rowing towards the Ruins of Rhest…