Next Session: Friday May 6th

Who can make it to my place on Friday? All things being equal I’ll be running (wait for it) the next chapter of Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed.

It’s been 6 months since we last played, so if you need a refresher on the last session, take a look here.

If you need a refresher on the whole campaign it goes something like this:

  • The party investigate the Keep on the Shadowfell, where they kill a Deathpriest of Orcus called Kalarel.
  • They find a note from a Wyrmlord Koth based in Vraath Keep, and decide to investigate.
  • En route they come across a crumbling remnant of the Arkhosian Empire, a hatchery for Greenspawn Razorwings, and mention of a goblin named Saarvith.
  • The party travel to Vraath Keep, find (and lose) Wyrmlord Koth, and uncover evidence of an imminent invasion.
  • The party scout north and see evidence of a vast goblinoid army amassing. They retreat, destroying a key bridge behind them to delay the enemy, and persuade the inhabitants of towns in the invasion force’s path to flee to the walled protection of the local capital, Brindol.
  • The party decide to investigate a reference to Saarvith they have spotted on map recovered from Vraath Keep. They survive a lizardman ambush and elven hospitality, and are now rowing towards the Ruins of Rhest…

13 Responses to “Next Session: Friday May 6th”

  1. Stefan Says:

    😮 I thought you said in the phone that you still wanted more time… WOHOO! Really looking forward to be wading knee deep in orc blood again!

    I’ll be there 🙂

  2. Thought I’d just dip my toe in the water today and reread the story arc. I ended up fully prepping the whole of the rest of the current chapter. Barring work calamity I’m all set for Friday.

  3. Fantastic! I’m in. I am really looking forward to some straightforward SRaO RPGing. Can anyone else remember who their characters are and what they are good at? I think mine was a taxi-driver on the Edgware Road….

  4. Stefan Says:

    That sounds about right Jules…and in combat you fling all the crap in your windscreen after people.

    I am a slightly overreacting petty vigilante who would kill, murders AND rape your wife if you brushed up against mine. I would make a good American president :p

  5. We can make it

  6. Apolcalypsia is filing her nails back into talons and will be there on friday. Its all about the bling! xxx

  7. You do know what that means right Carl?

    Naked Burning Dwarf WOHOOO!

    (Naked bit added for dramatic value)

  8. The only slight complication will be explaining how Apocalypsia, who last saw the party 200 miles ago, suddenly pops up on a row boat in the middle of a swamp.

    A +1 token to the person who provides me with a plausible explanation for this miraculous reappearance.

  9. Russell Bannister Says:

    I hope to be able to make it too. I am looking forward to doing some more D&D.

    I remember my character was a well-rounded and loveable individual. It must have been a considerable roleplaying challenge

  10. Richard Smith Says:

    As said, I won’t be able to attend this week but I’ll be there next week. Sounds like it’d almost good I’m not there, seems a bit of a squeeze!

  11. Russell Bannister Says:

    See below for my suggestion to the Apocalypsia related continuity difficulty.

    Apocalypsia is walking along the road when she meets a halfling tinker with a bulging backpack who tries to sell her a used magic carpet. After she kills him she is just searching the body when the town militia come along. She leaps on the carpet and tries to make her escape.

    The carpet has threadbare enchantment, one misfiring air elemental and no instruction manual. Barely in control Apocalypsia heads into the swamps to try and lose the militia following on horseback. Unfortunately she collides with a flock of ducks in a cloudbank and has to crash land.

    ‘By chance’ she appears right next to the parties boat, picking feathers out of her teeth. The halfling tinkers backpack turn out to contain 3 copper pieces in foreign coins and soiled laundry.

    Please make the cheque out to “Brother Bryn”

  12. Uh, that would qualify as inventive rather than plausible in my book. But, hey we are talking about a world where the words “magic carpet” appear in the first sentence and I carry on reading…

    Here’s the truth of it; based on scheming, calculating, venal cow she really is.

    Apocalpsia has not been 200 miles away. In fact she has been shadowing the party for some time – only staying back from the actual difficult, dirty, possibly nail-damaging fighting business. Her hope, frankly, has been that the party will get killed and after whatever it was that killed them has done grisly things to the bodies she can nip in and steal the silverware and the spoons so to speak.

    Sadly, the party have been living a charmed life (or are just skill, depending on your POV). She’s been amazed to see that the party have in fact not died. She’s come to realise that it is more lucrative to actually hang out with this bunch of scruffy idiots and share in the spoils rather than wait for them to kark it.

    With a heavy heart she has now given up sneaking around after them and has rejoined the team, making up some garbage about just “missing you all so much I couldn’t bear it”. The team, ever stupid, are happy to accept this at face value. Some of them weren’t even aware she hadn’t been there all along.

    Apocalypsia will adopt her customary role of staying at the back, near the exits and making sure she doesn’t get hurt. Just you see if I’m not right…

  13. […] Our heroes are woken by elves at sunrise with news; there is to be a funeral ceremony for the fallen Silanis Nightshadow, and Apocalypsia has miraculously arrived to join the party once more. Thankfully there are no awkward questions as to how she managed to track the party over 200 miles. […]

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