Next Session: Friday May 13th

We are good to go for this evening. Russell can’t make it, can everyone else?

7 Responses to “Next Session: Friday May 13th”

  1. We plan on being there but no papa johns for us – last few times we had it both Chuck and I have been ill.

  2. Richard Smith Says:

    I’m in!

    Sean, is it possible for you to bring those Tau you have this week?

  3. Im in as well…are there any other kind of take-aways that deliver close to you Carl? Im a bit fed up with Pizza’s 🙂

    Uhh and Im bringing everyones all time favourite snack tonight, yum yum.

  4. What, pineapple?

    No PJs for me either but only because I’m on an economy drive at the moment. Holly! Oh, Holly of the pizza! Will I ever hear your melifluous cadences that stireth my loins so mightily again?

    I’m in for tonight.

  5. Had planned on being there tonight but the curse of Friday the 13th has struck and now I am doomed to a night of girlie friendship support and wails of “All men are selfish pigs”, “We never thought he was good enough for you anyway” and “You’ll find someone better” … Should the light of Pelilor shine upon me and release from this night of clichéd boredom and tissue passing (or they get back together in the next 5 hours) I will be there but is looks unlikely.

    As always DO NOT KILL OFF MY CHARACTER – You all know I have seen to many ghastly movies not to plot a suitable revenge if you do (consider this a full warning from a fairly annoyed twisted horror fan!)

    God I hate having female friends!!!


  6. P.s Really hope no one i’m seeing this evening happens to read the above! xxx

  7. LOL
    How about you say “at least now you can continue to have loads of random cock without feeling guilty” or “oh…so he is free game now? Mind if I have a go or two?” That should get you out of your friends house in no time so that you can come over and have fun with us! (please note there might be a slight side effect to those comments)
    Also, at Carls house there will be pineapple…mmmm!

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