Rain of Steel

The heavens open. As the party set out across the lake the thunderstorm breaks, rain hammering down on their tent-covered boats and reminding them of every camping holiday they ever went on when they were little. All except Brick; this thunderstorm seems to be giving him a trouser tent.

With visibility reduced to only a score of feet the party are able to approach the largest semi-submerged structure undetected. Apocalysia and Brynn hang back to, um, mind the boats. Yes, that’s it. Very important job, minding the boats.

Creeping around the crudely constructed boardwalk that surrounds the building the party  stumble across a gang of ogres. The ensuing battle is fierce and furious, but the party pull out all the stops and unleash hell upon their enemies. The ogres turn in panic to call for reinforcements, but the party are ruthless, cutting the beasts down before they get the chance.

At this point the party could take a brief pause, gather their strength, consider their next move carefully. But their blood is up. The adrenaline is pumping. Are they not Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed? Sure they are! Screw resting, let’s press on, straight into the next battle!

Wyrmlord Saarvith

From a vantage point on the roof they spy a goblin working at his taxidermy desk in the room below, and fill him full of arrows. The goblin, the Wyrmlord Saarvith,  turns, grabs his bow, fires up at Habbakuk and dives into the a large pool of water spitting curses all the way.

Convinced that the pool is really an extra-dimensional portal Thovar jumps in after him. As he sinks like a stone into the cold dark waters two things quickly become apparent to the heavily armoured dwarf. Firstly, this is no portal. And secondly, there is something very large, moving upwards very fast.

This “something” proves to be Regiarix, a large black dragon and companion of Saarvith. The goblin hangs from the dragon’s claws, bow at the ready, only to take another arrow from Habbakuk. The Wyrmlord is dead!

Unfortunately Regiarix is not, and the dragon proves a formidable foe. Spewing acid, raking claws and globes of darkness send the party scrambling for cover, but Brick is in his element. Bellowing the praises of Kord over the deafening crashes of thunder he snares the dragon with a grappling hook, and is pulled up 50 feet into the air.  Unperturbed Brick climbs until he can lash himself to the dragon’s foreleg.

With a scream of rage Regiarix plunges back into his pool and spews acid at Brick, but he cannot shake the warrior loose. And Tetsu dives in and grabs on. Now Regiarix feels a curious compulsion to swim to the surface, a compulsion planted in his mind by Jerell. Thovar (teleported from the depths by Jerell) leaps onto the dragon’s back, Habbakuk peppers him with arrows and Regiarix sees which way this is going. He flees, shaking off the dwarf but incapable of dislodging Brick and Tetsu.

As Regiarix flies across the lake towards his lizardmen subjects Brick swings up onto the monster’s shoulders and decapitates it. Lightning flashes, thunder roars, and Brick bellows in victory as the dragon’s body crashes into the lake.

The warriors emerge from the water, the two of them facing a full camp of twenty heavily armed, slack-jawed lizardmen who have just witnessed deicide. Bothered? No.

Stupid. Reckless. Overwhelmed.

3 Responses to “Rain of Steel”

  1. Another fantatsic session – Nuff respec’ to Carl for taking the slaughter of the Big Bads with good grace. Apologies to all for ballsing up the damage rolls for Habbakuk. Next time I’ll read what’s on the character sheet and not give myself an extra 10 damage per power…

    So Jerell and Habbakuk are reading the goblin’s battle plans (or back issues of Taxidermy Now! magazine), Thovar’s in the drink, Brynn and Apocalypsia are at the boats and Tetsu and Brick are on the shore. What is that expression about splitting the party? Do they say it’s a sound and faultless tactic that guarantees success?

    Goblins, Hobgoblins, Dragons, Lizardmen; is there nothing that can stop the crimson tide? We should go back to that elf-camp and massacre them too – quickly, before the five minutes elapse and our Daily Powers drop!

  2. Sounds Epic – really sad to have missed it ;-(

  3. It was fantastic fun! Combat flowed perfectly, and everyone was allowed to do stupid stunts, very nice game mastering Carl.

    One thing I would like to point out: Even though that is a massive arrow he has got there (snicker away), and even though he IS holding it gangsta style…that has never been a “huge longbow”!
    Oh and noone hits Fallingbird/habakuk, it was me that got peppered with arrows 😉 I think I took twice my HP damage those 2 encounters.

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