No gaming at mine this week

I’m afraid I can’t make it this week folks, I have a staff leaving do I need to attend.

Anyone else up for hosting a session of something?

8 Responses to “No gaming at mine this week”

  1. I need to go to Denmark this weekend, so I cant come either :/

  2. Have fun in Denmark and at staff outing (its not your leaving drinks is it Carl?)

    I’m also out for the next 2 meets as I’m away. See you all soon. xxx

    p.s How are you getting on with the films Sean & Charlie? You’ve been very quiet over what you think of them so slightly concerned their terrible nature (content, production value and in most cases script) has struck you mute with the horror! …

    …Or you could be so appalled you are no longer speaking to me ofcourse! xxx

  3. I’m out this Friday too as it’s my wedding anniversary this weekend and I’m doing summat nice wiv da missus. Should be back in the flow for next week though.

  4. Russell Bannister Says:

    OK, it looks like this week is cancelled. I’ll just have to stay home and play computor games in my pants. Don’t have nightmares.

  5. Too late. Aagh, it burns, it burns!

  6. Pornhub has computer games now? Cool.

  7. Russell Says:

    No, just the one involving taking Captain Picard to warp speed

  8. I had planned to bring a suitcase and sleep at Carls and then at shit in the morning drive to Stansted as it is close anyway to catch my flight to Denmark! Good plan…until you find out your ticket says Gatwick :/
    I will have to cancel this Friday, I was going to say “dont get Tetsu killed” but I figured it was futile… we are Stupid reckless and overwhelmed after all!

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