Next Session Friday 27th May

I have done zero preparation for Friday (I’ve been too busy celebrating getting a new job!), so things may be a bit rough around the edges. Regardless, if we have the numbers I’m up for running the Red Hand of Doom again. Who’s in?

5 Responses to “Next Session Friday 27th May”

  1. NEW JOB! Congratulations mate, that was fast 🙂

    Sadly wont be attending Friday, but should be able to come next week (3rd of June) which incidently is my birthday. That is unless the boss has any plans for me of course :p

    On a completely different note, I have been remembering a really cool scenario (my very first 3rd ed experiance) that I was exposed to a looong time ago. Did you play 3.5 back in the days? And if so, would you like to try it out at some point?

  2. We are in – Stefan when is your stag party?

  3. I can’t make the 3rd I’m afraid, it’s my leaving do.

    I used to play 3/ 3.5, but wasn’t a great fan of the system really. Could the scenario be easily converted to another system?

  4. Richard Says:

    I’m in for this week.

  5. Russell Bannister Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t make it this week. Sorry to be unreliable.

    Stefan, happy birthday for next week.

    I am happy to play 3.5 in the future. I played a few sessions of 3.0 but I am not very familar with it.

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