No Song for Dying

The party is split. Never a good start. Brick and Tetsu are stuck at the lakeside surrounded by lizardfolk. Bryn and Apocalypsia are minding the boats, and Thovar is sinking into the lake.

Thovar struggles to the surface and strikes out towards the half-submerged building, but Jerell and Habbakuk have already got found trouble, in the shape of an 8 foot tall troll named Zollo. With a taste for bard flesh.

Fortunately Apocalypsia (in Sean’s safe hands) has grown weary of Doomsayer Bryn’s endless prattle, and heads off to see if she can find any bodies to loot. She joins the fray, but so too does a hobgoblin mindbender named Nurklenak.

Things are desperate; Nurklenak turns Habbakuk into his mind puppet, filling allies with arrows, then making him jump into the lake. Jerell has been grabbed by the troll, who is chewing cheerily on the bard’s head. All Jerell’s silver-tongued cajoling jail to sway the beast. With a great bite he tearss open Jerell’s neck and  face, then drops the dying bard as Apocalypsia blasts him full in the face with hellfire. Thovar bursts in and brings some much-needed cutting edge to the attack.

But it is too little too late. Apocalypsia goes down, hovering between life and death. And as the remaining combatants desperately try to take down their foes, the last of Jerell Sorn’s lifeblood drains away.

R.I.P. Jerell Sorn

The DM’s name is mud, if mud was a four letter word starting with ‘C’.

Everyone ise stunned; the aura on invicibility that surrounded the SRaO has been punctured, and the party are still fighting for their lives.

Apocalysia comes groggily back to her senses, seeing the troll finally fall. Nurklenak turns to call for reinforcements, only for Thovar’s axe to remove his head from his shoulders.

But gurads are on their way; two boatloads of hobgoblins approach, and the sound of lizardfolk drums reverberate around the lake. Rafts laden with the reptiles converge, but at their head stands their new Godking; Brick the Dragonslayer. And his sidekick Tetsu.

The hobgoblins are soon dragged to a watery doom, leaving the party to contemplate the loss of their trusted ally and friend, Jerell. Well, most of them contemplate. Apocalypsia loots his bloody corpse.

A great deal of treasure is found, and amongst it the Phylactery of an ally of the Red Hand, a lich known as the Ghostlord.


5 Responses to “No Song for Dying”

  1. Richard Says:

    I am speechless, Jerell was the first character who’s ever died on me. It wasn’t even a glorious death, lying bleeding in a corner covered in troll saliva. It seems, for this week at least, our dice-rolling luck had swapped with the C*** (I mean DM) missing almost none attacks whilst ours needed help to get double figures.
    Jerell’s fate was doomed the moment he walked through the door, failed two daily skills rolling 4 or less for them both and proceeded to fail all of his death saving throws with consecutive 4’s. Avandra had turned her fickle eye away from the party for this night it seems.
    Perhaps his name might live on in stories, not dissimilar from those he told many a time before, when people ask about about that particular party of heroes, known only as the Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed and the adventures they wrought.

    R.I.P Jerell Sorn (R.I.P didn’t last for long with Apoclypsia in the room)

  2. What the hell happened? I miss one week and Jerell’s dead and Apocalypsia is battered to the ground! xxxx

    (glad she was still able to loot the corpse though – sounds like Sean got her down to a T!)

  3. We shall write a sonnet about Jerell, will go something like this:

    Aye the Jerell guy was a mighty fine chap
    He liked when men were dancing on his lap
    And although he also liked to feel
    We did apreciate his Heal

    YAAAAA Jerell Jerell a mighty fine chap
    etc etc

    Just wanted to remind all that we are not playing tonight as Carl is out for his leavers thingy. (I will spend the night sympathy drinking)

  4. Russell Bannister Says:

    Stefan thanks for the reminder.

    As to Jerell he died in combat with the forces of evil and therefore is now with Pelor in the afterlife, free from suffering. As a consequence we can roll his mortal remains into the lake and not worry about him anymore. He won’t be forgotten (well unless I get him mixed up with one with the ghost stag).

  5. I take it we are not carrying around his corpse until we find a VERY talented healer then? Xxx

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