Next Session: Friday 10th June

I’m up for hosting this week, but I’m not going to have time to get the next SRaO session ready I’m afraid.

Stefan, you mentioned you had a 4E D&D module you could run. Do you have any pregens we could use for it?

Also I no longer have my mobile number. I’ll let you know as soon as I get a new one.


12 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 10th June”

  1. I have a 3.5 scenario converted to 4e with characters already made and ready for use. It runs for 2-3 sessions, that should give you some time to get back up to speed with SRaO.

    I will post more in my lunch break…

  2. Stupid Reckless and Baaaad:

    “Wait!” shouted Wyrmlord Koth. “Stop killing more of my minions. What is it you want, maybe we can come to some sort of agreement?”.
    The party members looked at each other and the brawny guy in front called Brick said in his flat no-nonsense tone of voice: “OK…lets hear what he has to say, we can always kill him afterwards, what do you have to offer?”
    “I can offer Lands, and riches, and loot…yes, lots of loot! We are here to lay siege to the weaklings, and to prepare for the final battle against evil.” Brother Bryn whom until now had kept his attention on the Gargoyles looked up. The last phrase was an almost exact quotes of the grand and revised book of Pelor he carried around with him, maybe there was some potential to these hobgoblins he had not realised…THEY were the (red) hand of Pelor.
    “Join with me, and you can rule the human dwellings called Brindol” Queen Apocalypsia, hmm it didnt sound all that bad.
    “We need strong types like you to face the ultimate enemies” Finally a worthy foe for me to die by, thought fervor.
    “and…you seem to be Farell, the legendary bard fortold to die near the dragons lair and forever fade into anonymity. Join us and we can change that destiny!”
    And thus, with the majority of the party deciding to join the hobgoblins, Habbakuk saw his chances better WITH the group than without them and said in his heavy accent: “ou kay brothas, you might not do right choise…but…you choise”

    The first task their new Wyrmlord had for the group, was to kill Tetsu the Traitor, whom noone trusted anyway. And they did so, Apocalypsia got a nice new set of garbs for her handbag, and everyone was happy.

    The game takes place 2 days before the siege of Brindol that the humans didnt see coming as noone warned them. Obviously you are playing in a paralel universe where you took a slightly different turn and are now working for the Hobgoblin Onslaught (I like that word). If you want to change the reassons for joining the Hobgoblins do so, theese are just my humble ideas :p. Carl will have to make a new character (same level as the group, and with the levels of items that tetsu had), so if you could make a Hobgoblin [Any class], it would be great.

  3. Theres no way it seems I can edit my post, so just dutifully replace Farell with Jerell :p theres just no respect for the dead anymore

  4. Can’t make the 10th I’m afraid guys. What is with the rubbish date clashes for me at the mo?

    P.s for those who are interested … my mate who broke up with her boyfriend and ruined me attending the death of Jerell (er…. I mean last session!) – she has got back together with him so what a complete waste of my evening that was grrr! **** Rant ends ****


  5. On a totally different note I wanted to share with the group 3 links:

    I’m totally loving this link to the very shy, but very wonderful, Lydia singing – please pass on to everyone you know as she so deserves a record contract!

    Secondly, my ex-housemate is hoping to walk the great wall of china later this year for charity so if anyone is feeling generous …

    and finally …. now you have recovered from the hatchet death scene i bring you another one of my favourites – this one with an all new soundtrack!


  6. Richard Says:

    @stefan: Your name shall be heckled in all the taverns you go from now on for bismirching his name so.

    As for this Friday, I won’t be able to attend, weekends atm. Enjoy, and try not to get faux-jerrell killed.

  7. I have created a character to join the party. Nurklenuk is the younger brother of the famous hobgoblin mindbender Nurklenak, and he too uses the awesome power of his mind to disorient foes and empower allies.

    Nurklenuk thinks the elf tasted a bit stringy.

  8. That would be a psion I guess 🙂

    Sean & Son, Russel, and Jules coming tonight?

  9. OH and I did NOT get rick rolled….oh crap this prooves that I did doesnt it :/

  10. I should be there tonight. I have to be in central London in the late afternoon but I should be back in time.

    If I have understood correctly (and I usually understand less than half of the conversation at table) then I don’t need to bring a character as I will be playing an evil twin of my usual D&D character. Is this right?

  11. Unless you want to conjure up a level 7 character aye.

    The reason for doing it this way was that it would take 2 sessions to create and familiarise ourselves with new characters at this level in 4e…and the scenario really calls for something higher than level 1. So its all for the sake of cenvenience…if anyone wants a new character that they have already made we can weave them in easyli.

  12. We will be there

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