What the Hell?

Long has Azarr Kul sought the crystal shard Crenishibinon, mightiest of artefacts.  Now it is finally within his grasp. But its ancient guardian stirs, and in the struggle that follows the shard is shattered into a thousand pieces, and within each piece a fragment of reality splinters off, and new paths are trod…

Which is how the SRaO come to join the Red Hand of Doom, meet up with Nurklenuk (Nurklenak’s younger brother), convert many to Pelor (Bride of Tiamat) and finally stand on the outskirts of Brindol ahead of invasion day.

Their mission is to hunt down a fleeing princess, who represents the last spark of home for the beleaguered city. Off the party go, ambushing her and slaughtering the girl’s retinue before attempting to cut down the princess herself.

At this point things go a little wrong. The girl transforms into a huge silver dragon, and though the party manage to defeat her they are cursed, and banished to Hell. Down they plummet, into the stygian depths.

Hell turns out to be a tarpit, surrounded by seagulls and razor sharp rocks. The party are all naked, and stripped of weapons. After lots of very painful trudging about they discover that demons and devils are at war, and that their souls are in high demand to work for one side or the other. Travelling involves moving away from your destination. Bryn decides to make a cup out of tar and drink his own wee.  They meet a man who has cut his own arm off to use for shoes, which Brick steals. They approach a settlement where Brick outwits some demons but fails to gain anything from the deal.

Next Nurklenuk jumps a settler and steals his skin cloak, then runs away. The settler is killed by Brick and his bone club and guts belt  are taken. More settlers approach and offer to purchase body parts from the fallen man; Nurklenak demands all their skin in payment.

With each evil act the party are finding themselves growing in power, but is this evidence that their souls are being rapidly eroded? Or maybe this all a test sent by Pelor to allow the party to prove their devotion through pain. Will the party join the chaotic demons or lawful devils? Tune in next week to find out.


One Response to “What the Hell?”

  1. There IS also the possibility of escape the guards at the gate hinted 🙂

    Next week I will not be able to come, as I am flying in the morning from the wrong airport :/
    And the week after I have a guest from Denmark that I need to pick up, so maybe this was not the best timed mini campaign to start from my side….sorry about that 😦

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