Next Session: Friday June 24th

After a blowout last week it’s time to reconvene. I’m happy to continue SRaO if you guys are game.

Sean, Charlie and Jo are confirmed, Jules is wavering (go on, you know an evening of watching Brick sexually torment goblins is the perfect antidote to a tough week) and Richard and Stefan are out. Russell, we need you! Are you in?

Oh, and I’m very happy to report that there will be no gaming on July 8th! \m/

34 Responses to “Next Session: Friday June 24th”

  1. I am not wavering. But I have decided to stay at home with wifey on Friday. We haven’t seen much of each other this week so it’ll be cool to get a take away and drink some wine and chat and fall asleep. When I close my eyes though, I promise to think about Brick sexually tormenting goblins etc., etc.,…

  2. Russell Says:

    I will do my best to be there. I have employed a reputable double glazing firm to fit a new front door and window, on Friday morning. They claim they will be finished by lunch time and leave no mess. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. “When I close my eyes though, I promise to think about Brick sexually…”
    Very important where you put the comma isnt it? :p

    Yea, I have to pick up my best man from the airport for some suitfitting.

  4. Sorry Guys – was confirmed but forgot that I’m actually at a charity pub quiz this friday! wish me luck and don’t be surprised if you get a call asking you bizarre trivia! xxx

  5. Bugger, down to 3 assuming Russell can make it.


  6. Barring any acts of god I’ll be there tonight. Remarkably I don’t seem to have had any door related difficulties.

  7. I will be arriving with a boot full of warhammer 40k stuff if you fancy giving it a try….

  8. Russell Says:

    Warhammer is fine by me if we are too few for RPG. I call dibs on the Imperial Guard.

  9. Richard Says:

    Bleargh, no meeting on the 8th of July? That’s the only Friday I can do for the next 4 weeks.
    Well, I’ll be back more regularly soon, just had a lot of concerts to cover with Hard Rock Calling and O2 Wireless back to back but after my next weekend stint at work I should be back and available again.

  10. Maybe if we can play at Jules’s or somewhere else I can run something on the 8th? We can be at my place, but its a bit far for everyone :p

  11. No gaming at mine on the 1st July or 8th July I’m afraid, I’m not available for either. Jules, can you host?

  12. Hmm anything/anywhere for tomorrow now?

  13. I think all we need is a venue, and we can figure out something to do…be it board games or rpg.

    My place is at DA9 9XB you can try and see if it is too far for you guys to travel (takes med about 50mins along the M25), unless someone up your end have a place we can be 🙂

  14. Jules is looking after his kids so it would have to be at his place – it looks like 4 of us with nothing planned? No word from Russell or Jo yet…

    Resume mid July?

  15. Russell Says:

    Sorry for the late response. I am happy to do something tomorrow, as long as we are in North London. I live in Ruislip which is almost exactly the opposite side of London from Dartmouth, and I wouldn’t risk the M25 on a Friday night if I had a gun to my head.

    Given that I can’t drink I would prefer not to go for a beer, but don’t let me stop you if you all fancy it.

    Any roleplaying or board gaming is fine by me.

  16. Russell Says:

    And if we are cancelled and people are bored, I recommend you check out the free PC game World of Tanks. I reckon I’ve logged approximately 100 hrs of play since it came out.

  17. Im sure we can figure out something to do with 5 people. I will bring a few board games and roleplaying things, so if you do the same we can just decide when we get there?

  18. Russell Says:

    I was going to ask the same thing.

  19. OK looks like we are good to go at Jules’ crib.

    Stefan do you have any ideas of what we are gonna play?

  20. I guess we in theory could continue the Hell scenario, but I dont have the characters.
    Maybe we could conjure up some savage world of some sort or other, pirates or SLA industries springs to my mind, but Russel might have something cool that I havnt thought about?
    Theres braaaains to chew to?

    Being 5 people I am a bit short in the boardgame department (most of mine works best with 4) but I culd bring Dominion, roll through the ages and Ticket to Ride.

  21. Russell Says:

    In terms of roleplaying I am happy to run Savage Worlds. I can do the next episode of Daring Tales of the Space Lanes (which is entitled Bad Debts). I could also continue the Daring Tales of Adventure or do one of the other Daring Tales settings (Cyberpunk or Arthurian). I don’t mind playing another setting if Stefan has one ready.

    I have a couple of other RPGs that I am keen to play if anyone is interested: Primetime adventures and Fiasco. Both will run with no preparation. I will bring them along and make the sales pitch in person rather than writing a long story now.

    In terms of board games I have one called Galactic Emperor which may be suitable. It plays 5 and takes maybe 3 hours. I will bring it on the off chance.

  22. Charlie with shit, puke and then die if we play Dominion so thats out – My vote is for one of Russells games – No offence Stefan…

  23. Aye, Id prefer to player tonight as well to be honest, so suits me fine 🙂

    Looking forward for tonight, havnt had propper geeking for ages it seems…Im severely in need of my fix

  24. Russell Says:

    Sounds good. I’ll see you at Jules’s house with a big bag of games.

    Does anyone need to know how many comments we can add to this thread before this website breaks? We must be getting close.

  25. Sorry guys – Last I looked at this (on wednesday) everything was off for 2 weeks so I went ahead and made plans for this evening. Have fun at Jules. xxxx

  26. Really nice game last night. Cool setting/system

    We talked yesterday, and everything is definitely off next weekend 🙂

  27. Richard Says:

    Curses, it seems my roleplay has been foiled for another 4 weeks for me =(

    I going to make sure I’m available for the three I can make…

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