Next Session: Friday 15th July

Hi folks, apologies but I can’t make it again on the 15th. Fortunately Jules can host, so game on.

Worse still I can’t make the following three weeks (22nd, 29th, 5th). Very poor. I hope to be back in action on August 12th. Apologies all, SRaO will need to take a bit of a hiatus I’m afraid.

9 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 15th July”

  1. Carl – what is going on? That’s not a life you have there is it? Jesus wept. We’re supposed to be closeted geeks y’know. Too much extra-curricular activity and you’ll have us thinking you are a normal person; dice-tower or no.

    So we’re at mine tomorrow. Who is in and what shall we play? Russell, do you want to continue GMing Prime Time or do people fancy something a bit more old skool.

    Sean – Kathrynne has already bought the dodgy crisps so we’re all set to thrill and discombobulate your taste buds.

    PS – how do I change the picture on my posts?
    PPS – Not wishing to be insesnitive but shouldn’t we take down the dead bard’s picture from the header at the top of the webpage? Perhaps we could set up a “Garden of Remembrance” section for those no longer with us: Jerrell, Splug, the hobbit with gobliphobia whose name I can’t remember….

  2. Russell Says:

    I can make it tomorrow. I am happy to do Prime Time Adventures if people are interested. I am also willing to do Fiasco (the other games from last week) or some form of Daring Tales. I also don’t mind playing something else if someone has something planned. I would prefer to do RPG rather than boardgames though.

    Jules, I agree. Active social lives are what non-gamers do to fill up the void left by not playing computor games.

    • I vote RPG – but I wouln’t be averse to playing something different than last time (as much as I loved it -AWESOME game) Fiasco sounds cool> Jules you got any ideas? Is it just the four of us? Stefan? Jo?

      Carl, since you bailed on us so badly I am saving all of my snotty comments up for when they will sting most. Love ya…bitch

  3. You’ll be delighted to learn that my sustained absence in no way constitutes “having a life”.

    Week 1 I will be in a suit, pointing at a powerpoint presentation and attempting to persuade 65 of my work colleagues that I have the foggiest idea what I’m talking about.

    Week 2 I will be having a quiet evening in with my wife, ahead of a loud evening out with disreputable types.

    Weeks 3 and 4 I will be in a cottage in Devon with my family, sheltering from the rain.

    In answer to your other comments:

    * I keep meaning to post instructions on how to get thread posting and other rights to this site, and keep failing to do so. I expect that tradition to continue until someone kicks me hard enough.

    * I’ll leave Jerell’s mugshot in place until Richard provides me with a new character portrait (not to mention a new character)

    * An orbit for Jerell is an excellent idea. I propose we write one each, and choose the funniest.

    * Trimble Slickshanks is not dead, I was busy killing Twilight wannabes with him just last weekend

    * Love ya too, butt crack.

  4. Richard Says:

    Unfortunately, I agree too, Jerell’s mugshot should be taken down from the header and consigned to the vault of memories… *sniffles*

    As for a new character, I sent an email to you Carl about 5 weeks ago with a new character draft on it…..

  5. Richard Says:

    pps. I’m still going to be away for a further 3 weeks, on my weekend shifts now…

  6. Just a quick, ill be there this evening. Up for anything

  7. Anything Stefan? Is that how you got your pineapple-based reputation?

    As for tonight I’m in a mood for killing bad guys and rolling lots of dice.

  8. Sorry guys cant make this evening as staying at my Mums and viewing yet another car later that will probably turn out to be terrible and sink me further into a depression of car hunting hell.
    Kill lots and lots of things for me (especially if they are used car salesmen!)
    Hopefully see you soon. xxx

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