Character Spotlight: Jerell Sorn (R.I.P.)

And so, with a gnashing of troll teeth, did our brother Jerell slip from this mortal plane. Let us commend the soul of Jerell Sorn unto the tender mercy of the Raven Queen’s wings. He got what we all get; a lifetime.

We therefore commit his body to the flames; ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the afterlife eternal in Letherna, wherein the Raven Queen dwells.

Let us speak words of remembrance in honour of our fallen friend.

7 Responses to “Character Spotlight: Jerell Sorn (R.I.P.)”

  1. Hey I remember that silver-tongued bastard, he still owes me 40 gold and my daughter’s honour! I’d settle for the gold though.

    — Lukas Fenright, silk merchant

  2. I’m having some trouble remembering him. Wasn’t he the chap who used to go about with Ronald the Gay Lion?

    – Whyem Seeyay, musician

  3. Jerell, I knew him. Is very sad that he is eaten by this troll. I am thinking that maybe the troll is not liking his music. Me, I am more a man of world, if I don’t like music, I don’t listen. I do not feel need to eat person making the bad music. Is diffrent with troll.
    But this is, how you say, diversion. I meant to say tha Jerell was brave man and good friend. At first I worry about him singing, singing, singing and getting up my nerves but, you know, he doesn’t sing too much. Although I love this man like my brother, he also is the big fibber. He once made promise to throw dangerous dog off bridge but he did not do this. Dog stood still for very long time. Was very inconveinent.

    – Habbakuk, fearsome son of the sands

  4. Rot in hell loser

    – Apocalypsia Diabolica, Total Bitch

  5. Richard Smith Says:

    That one was going to put me in a story. No right to die to a wimpy troll before he could do it. Now who’s going to talk about my legan…lege… big things I do with my clan?

    – Wracklegnaw of the TwistTusk clan

  6. Russell Says:

    Jerrell was a valued comrade who stood bravely with us many times against the forces of evil. I would like to say that his trials and suffering are over, unfortunately that would be a lie as he didn’t pray to Pelor and so he is undoubtedly screaming in hell now. Unless you all want to end up the same way I suggest you get right and repent.

    The final battle is coming and anyone who doesn’t want to end up as troll dung had better start getting ready to fight the forces of evil and their henchmen the parasite nobles.

    Anyway RIP Jerrel, you’ll be missed. Especially your music as through suffering we get closer to Pelor.

    – Brother Bryn, Doomsayer

  7. Jerrel you were a friend. You were MY friend, and noone touches my friends without facing my wrath.
    The troll killed you, so I solemnly declare war on ALL trolls, I shall hunt them down, slaughter their women, feast on their young and burn down their dwellings. That is justice, Eye for an Eye!


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